Amy Schumer Praises Barbie Movie but Reveals Past Creative Differences


Amy Schumer, the talented comedian and actress, recently attended a double feature screening of the films “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” (also humorously dubbed “Barbenheimer“).

The star-studded event left Schumer thoroughly entertained, but it also sparked some playful remarks from her about a missed opportunity.

In an Instagram post, Schumer shared a snapshot of herself wearing an oversized straw hat and rosy pink sunglasses, exuding style and charisma. She expressed her enjoyment of both films and couldn’t resist a light-hearted joke: “Really enjoyed Barbie and Oppenheimer but I think I should have played Emily Blunt’s role. Do better Hollywood.”

This humorous statement harks back to a significant moment in Schumer’s career when she was originally cast as Barbie in 2016. Unfortunately, a year later, she announced her departure from the project, citing “scheduling conflicts.”

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Image: Netflix

However, in a candid conversation on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Schumer divulged that creative differences were the true reason for her exit.

While discussing the film on the talk show, Schumer also shared her excitement for the vibrant and pink-tastic world of Barbie. She had previously expressed her anticipation for the movie during a June episode, where she mentioned that she “couldn’t wait” to see it, emphasizing her belief that it would be an awesome production.

Delving into the details of her departure, Schumer revealed her original vision for Barbie’s character. She wanted to portray Barbie as an “inventor” rather than conforming to conventional stereotypes.

However, the studio had different plans, proposing that her invention should be a shoe made out of Jell-O. This clash of ideas led to the parting of ways, as Schumer firmly believed that the portrayal of women should not be confined to such stereotypes.

Despite the differences and the change in casting that brought Margot Robbie into the role of Barbie, Schumer’s admiration for the final product remains evident.

In 2022, she even praised the movie in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, expressing her contentment with the new team’s feminist and cool approach to the project.

The Barbie movie, after its release, opened to resounding success, grossing a staggering $155 million. Mattel’s iconic property, regardless of the actor playing the lead, continues to captivate fans, making Barbie Land a beloved destination for many.

With Schumer’s comedic talent and strong views on breaking stereotypes, it’s evident that her version of Barbie would have been a fresh and empowering take on the iconic doll.

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Image: Warner Bros.

Nevertheless, her support for the film and her candidness about the creative process shed light on the complexities of filmmaking and the challenges faced by artists in navigating their visions within the studio system.

As Hollywood evolves, embracing diverse voices and perspectives, it becomes essential to celebrate and support the works that challenge traditional norms and inspire positive change.

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