13 Best AP Dhillon Songs That Should Be On Every Punjabi’s Playlist

Best Ap Dhillon songs

Not everyone understands Punjabi songs that well but since the inception of ‘Brown Munde’ and AP Dhillon in the industry, things have changed. AP Dhillon’s songs have become a part of almost every playlist, be it party or romantic. So, how did this whole craze of AP’s music began?

Well, it all began in 2019 when AP Dhillon, Gurinder Gill and Shinda Kahlon started putting out their track like “Faraar” and “Fake”. As time proceeded, his songs started trending in charts in India, UK and Canada. Once the ‘Brown Munce’ song was released, his popularity grew exponentially and people started following his music like crazy. We have curated some of his best Punjabi songs for you to add to your playlist.

Here is a list of the best AP Dhillon songs to add to your Punjabi playlist:

1. Brown Munde

I mean who doesn’t know this superhit Punjabi song from AP Dhillon, Gurinder Gill and Shinda Kahlon. Brown Munde song was released on Sep 18, 2020, by Run-up Records and has more than 415 million views on YouTube to date. You might have heard it on weddings, on car audio or on Instagram reels. Many Bollywood celebrities like Ranveer Singh and Kartik Aryan love this song and can be seen grooving to it on social media.

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2. Desires

Desire is one of the latest romantic songs from AP Dhillon, Gurinder Gill and Shinda Kahlon’s latest Punjabi album. This song is sung by AP and Gurinder Gill which has got more than 3.5 million views within a few weeks. The music of this song is also done by AP Dhillon himself.

3. Tere Te

Another Romantic cum upbeat song from AP Dhillon and Gurinder Gill from their latest album ‘Hidden Gems’. The lyrics of this song is written by Herman Atwal & Shinda Kahlon whereas the music is produced by AP Dhillon. The song has garnered almost 1 million views in a few weeks only.

4. Excuses

Excuses is that song when you are heartbroken and you feel every line of the song is about you. This song is sung as well as written by AP Dhillon and Gurinder Gil along with an absolutely stunning music composition from Intense. You’ll definitely sing along to this song once you’ve heard it.

5. Majhe Ale

A chill and new Gedi Route by AP, Gurinder and Shinda which is a whole different vibe. Since they are from Majha (Punjab) area, this song is quite relatable lyrically for those from Punjab. The song has over 1.4 million views as of now and is produced by GMINXR.

6. Ma Belle

One of the best Punjabi from AP Dhillon recently is this romantic song ‘Ma Belle’ which features Amari as well. The music video has more than 17 million views and was released on 16 July 2021. Dedicate this song to your loved one and you’ll thank us later.

7. Toxic

Another romantic banger from AP Dhillon that is produced by Intense. The lyrics of this song is written by Rajan Lahoria and doesn’t fail in making you groove. A chill vibe song that you need to have in your Punjabi playlist for a fun time. The music video of this song has more than 31 million views on YouTube so far.

8. Saada Pyar

Saada Pyar is a sad Punjabi song that reminds you of that heartbreak and how it was very hard. The song is composed by Money Musik and written by Shinda Kahlon. This song has around 26 million views on YouTube and definitely could be a part of your Punjabi Playlist.

9. Insane

“Ae munde pagal ne saare” aka Insane has become a sensational hit Punjabi song by AP Dhillon, Gurinder Gill and Shinda Kahlon. The song has more than 51 million views on YouTube as of now. It was produced by Gminxr and is worth adding to your playlist.

10. Majhail

One of the best AP Dhillon songs on this list is Majhail featuring Gurinder Gill. This track is in collaboration with Manni Sandhu who has been producing some awesome Punjabi songs as well. This song has more than 51 million views and it was released almost a year ago. A perfect song to show your swag.

11. Arrogant

Arrogant is one of the most underrated AP Dhillon songs that you will hear. It has only 12 million views on Youtube but it surely deserves more. This song also has a feature from Shinda Kahlon who has given a Hindi rap in the song. Another gem of a track produced by Gminxr.

12. Summer High

After the release of the EP ‘Hidden Gems’, AP Dhillon released a single in 2022 with total vibes. Summer Vibes is written by Shinda Kahlon and performed by AP Dhillon. The video of this song gives you total urban pop vibes which made this very cool. One of the best AP Dhillon songs if you love chill vibes.

13. Wo Noor

One of the latest romantic songs from his EP Two Hearts Never Break The Same. The lyrics of this soothing song are written by Rajan Lahoriya and the beat is produced by PVLI.

AP Dhillon has many more tracks which are also super good and this list can go on and on. Make sure you play and add these songs to your playlist to turn up some desi vibes.

We hope you had fun exploring these best AP Dhillon songs that you add to your playlist right now. Cheers!

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