14 Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

best basketball shoes for flat feet

Basketball is a popular sport that demands rapid movement and agility. Finding the right pair of basketball shoes can be difficult for those with flat feet. Overpronation caused by flat feet can result in injuries and pain. Flat feet are a condition in which the arch of the foot flattens, causing the whole sole to contact the ground. However, you don’t need to freak out if you have.

It is a common issue and a lot of people have this syndrome that may be present at birth or develop over time as a result of factors such as age, injury, or some medical issues. Yet, with the correct shoes, you may still enjoy playing basketball without being bothered. In this guide, we’ll look at the best basketball shoes for flat feet that you can wear right now.

What are the symptoms of flat feet?

Flat foot symptoms differ from person to person. Among the most prevalent symptoms are:

  • Pain or discomfort in the feet, especially when standing or walking for long periods
  • Swelling or inflammation in the feet
  • Overpronation (when the foot rolls inward too much when walking or running)
  • Difficulty standing on tiptoes
  • Lower leg pain or cramping

How to choose basketball shoes for flat feet

There are various aspects to consider while selecting the best basketball shoes for flat feet. Here are some pointers:

  • Seek for shoes with adequate arch support: Arch support shoes can assist minimize overpronation and provide extra cushioning for the feet.
  • Explore the cushioning: Good cushioning in your shoes helps absorb shock and lessen the pressure on your feet and legs.
  • Make sure it has a wide base: Shoes with a wide base can give more stability, lowering the risk of ankle sprains and other injuries.
  • Examine the material: Shoes made of breathable materials, such as mesh, can help keep your feet cool and dry, lowering your risk of blisters and other foot ailments.
  • Check the fit: Check that the shoes fit properly and have adequate room for your feet to move. Shoes that are too small might be uncomfortable.

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Here’s a list of the best Basketball shoes for players with Flat Feet:

1. Nike KD 15


The Nike KD 15 exhibits exceptional performance on the court, much like its predecessor, with an array of advanced technical specifications. Its foam midsole, composed of the soft and velvety Cushlon material, delivers an incredibly comfortable and plush sensation, while the full-length Nike Zoom Air Strobel layer on top of the foam simulates the sensation of springs beneath your feet.

Apart from that, the materials utilized in its making have undergone slight alterations, yet still provide for adequate breathability and flexibility. Notably, the rigid plastic plate incorporated into the shoe design bolsters both torsional and arch support, enhancing stability during play.

It not only fits players with flat feet, but it also accommodates hoopers with wide feet. The shoe features a broad base that prevents your feet from feeling like they’re in a straight jacket.

2. Adidas OwnTheGame 2.0

adidas own the game

The Adidas OwnTheGame shoe presents itself as an excellent option for basketball players, despite not being endorsed by any specific NBA athlete. It boasts a competitive price point that appeals to athletes with flat feet, allowing them to buy top-quality sneakers without breaking the bank.

Once you get your hands on these kicks, they’ll surely remain a staple in your athletic wardrobe for years to come. The Adidas OwnTheGame shoe is celebrated for its resilient and robust craft materials.

Apart from that, the Ortholite lining incorporated into the shoe design is a noteworthy feature, as it helps prevent excess sweat buildup while also offering insulation. Moreover, the midsole and footbed areas of the shoe are reinforced with Cloudfoam, providing excellent cushioning and shock absorption for enhanced comfort during play.

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3. Nike Zoom Freak 4

Nike zoom freak

The Nike Zoom Freak 4 has become an acclaimed option for basketball players, largely thanks to the presence of two sizable Zoom Air pods situated in the forefoot. This unique feature offers a remarkably comfortable sensation for the front portion of the foot.

The Phylon midsole design also gently curves upward towards the midfoot region, providing a supportive and stabilizing sensation for people with flat feet. Apart from that, the semi-decoupled sole design enhances the player’s mobility, facilitating quicker and smoother directional changes.

Unlike the Nike Zoom Freak 3, it has no strap like the previous model, but the midsole effectively compensates with a supportive lateral curvature, which provides additional support during high-intensity games.

4. New Balance Two Wxy V3

New balance

Drawing inspiration from the firing synapses of the human brain, the TWO WXY v3 basketball shoe has been engineered to meet the demands of split-second reactions on the court. This includes sudden accelerations, rapid stops, pivots, and high-impact landings that frequently occur throughout gameplay.

The shoe’s design features a dynamic dual-density FuelCell midsole that efficiently returns energy, providing a lively feel during gameplay. The ABZORB cushioning is strategically placed at the forefoot and heel, further enhancing the underfoot feel and making it one of the best basketball shoes for flat feet.

Apart from that, the shoe’s stability features are equally noteworthy. The midfoot TPU clip helps to provide lateral support, ensuring athletes remain stable throughout quick and sudden movements.

5. Adidas Harden Vol. 6

Adidas harden

Finding the appropriate basketball sneaker for your flat feet might be difficult. Yet, these Adidas James Harden basketball shoes might be just what works best for you. These shoes are designed for lightweight and flexibility, featuring a mesh top for ventilation and weight reduction.

It has a rubber sole that’s necessary for flat feet because it provides support and cushioning. The high-traction rubber outsole provides exceptional grip and avoids slippage, keeping you balanced throughout strenuous games.

The amazing energy return of Adidas BOOST is the most notable attribute of these basketball sneakers. This shoe will surely increase your vertical without putting much stress if you have flat feet.

6. Air Jordan 36

air jordan

Compared to the previous version, the Air Jordan 36 surpasses it by a great margin. The 35 was a great option for basketball players with flat feet, but the 36 adds a boost to your performance as well.

The Eclipse Plate incorporated into the shoe is ideal for flat-footed individuals, delivering substantial arch support comparable to the Air Jordan 34. Wearing the Air Jordan 36 is comfy, and you can clearly feel the support it gives.

The fit is tight and narrow, so if that’s not your thing, go larger. The unexpectedly sturdy upper and outsole components that curve upward into the midsole provide good support in this shoe. Overall, a great pick for players with flat feet looking to dominate the court.

7. Under Armour Curry Flow 10

under armour curry

The Curry 10’s Flow traction is excellent, providing one of the best traction experiences available. The cushioning is sensitive and placed low to the ground, with additional bounce provided by the shank. The materials utilized are comparable to those used in the Curry 9, but with a little increase in comfort.

This year, a redesigned heel counter and more supportive structure provide support and lockdown. Nevertheless, the Curry 10 is a significant upgrade over the previous model and remains a top-performing basketball shoe, owing in large part to its remarkable grip.

Overall, a great shoe for basketball players with flat feet as it gives you that extra support along with super bounce.

8. Air Jordan 36 Low x Luka Doncic

luka doncic air jordan

The Air Jordan 36 is more than simply the latest installment in the legendary franchise—it’s a representation of the passion and dynamic play that started a basketball revolution. This colorway capitalizes on Luka’s on-court and off-court abilities.

You’ll receive energy return and outstanding responsiveness whether you’re breaking ankles, dishing dimes, or scoring with ease thanks to a full-length Zoom Air Strobel unit stacked above a Zoom Air unit in the forefoot. The use of electric colors adds a spark to your game.

The shoe’s base is engineered to provide both, comfort and style for basketball players with flat feet. If you are a Luka fan, you need to have this one in your sneaker collection.

9. Nike Air Max Impact 4

Nike air max

One of the most affordable and highly underrated basketball shoes, the Air Max Impact 4 by Nike deserves more attention. It offers all the essential features that basketball players look for, including excellent midfoot support.

The shoe’s structure is rigid and provides good stability, while the side pieces on the forefoot prevent your feet from slipping off the footbed. Additionally, the Phylon cushioning provides a comfortable landing and has some rebound to it.

Apart from that, the Air Max Impact 4 is that it comes at an affordable price point, making it accessible to a lot of basketball players with flat feet.

10. New Balance KAWHI 1

New Balance KAWHI 1

This one is Kawhi Leonard’s first true signature basketball shoe that offers excellent traction on both indoor and outdoor courts. The FuelCell cushioning system is very helpful in keeping you agile and shooting hoops. The overall build is responsive, bouncy, and provides good vertical as well.

While the materials used in the shoe are decent, they are not as premium as one might expect for the price point and can feel a little tight on the pinky-toe side.

The shoe’s standout feature is its support, which makes it a top-tier sneaker for plater with flat feet.

11. Nike KD 14

Nike KD 14

The KD 14 is an exceptional shoe with great support for players with flat feet. The shoe features a standard shank plate along with an internal heel counter, which helps keep the foot stable. The forefoot strap is more for aesthetics and the fit of the shoe plays a more significant role in providing support.

One of the key features of the KD 14s is the amount of cushion in it. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll find a sneaker that surpasses this in terms of cushioning support. Apart from that, its midsole addresses any shock absorption problems while also providing players with a useful degree of bounce with each step.

It not only fits players with flat feet, but it also accommodates hoopers with wide feet. The shoe features a broad base that prevents your feet from ankle injuries and pain.

12. Under Armour Curry HOVR Splash 2

Curry hovr splash

When it comes to the best basketball shoes for flat feet, Under Armour’s Curry HOVR Splash 2 has to be on this list. These basketball shoes are particularly engineered for flat-footed athletes to provide improved comfort and cushioning.

The full-length Micro G foam midsole is designed to maximize energy return, while the detachable sock liner provides additional arch support for improved comfort. Flat-footers will love them since the midfoot is sufficiently broad.

Moreover, the shoe has a breathable woven top with long-lasting synthetic overlays for enhanced support and stability. The rubber outsole provides an outstanding grip on every court surface, allowing you to perform like a GOAT.

13. Nike Kyrie Flytrap IV

Nike kyrie

The Kyrie Flytrap 4 is intended for athletes who seek a lightweight, supportive shoe that lets them to move quickly on the floor. It has improved grip and responsiveness owing to a big Zoom Air unit that provides excellent cushioning throughout the play.

An integrated forefoot band helps stabilize your foot over the footbed while you make fast cuts and motions. Apart from that, the outsole is comprised of extremely durable materials, making it ideal for use on outdoor courts.

Overall, the Kyrie Flytrap 4 is an excellent pick for those that want a boost in speed and agility along with support for flat feet.

14. Nike Lebron Witness 6

Nike lebron 6

The Nike LeBron Witness 6 is the latest addition to the budget basketball shoe that helps support your game. However, the cushioning of the shoe is pretty ordinary when compared to other shoes on this list. Due to this, it can cause discomfort in the forefoot if your feet are sensitive.

For its price, the materials are adequate, but they feel thin. Lateral containment is not a problem due to the shark fin heel counter, but the shoe lacks stability.

Overall, the Nike LeBron Witness 6 is a good shoe for performance use, but it is a well-designed casual shoe for flat feet.


All-in-all, it is important to get the best basketball shoes for flat feet in order to avoid discomfort and injuries while playing the game. Choose shoes with appropriate arch support, cushioning, and stability. Some of the best ones include the Lebron Witness 6, Adidas Harden Vol. 6, and Nike KD 15 to name a few. Remember to update your basketball shoes when required and to get medical attention if you encounter any pain or discomfort.


1. Can basketball shoes for flat feet prevent injuries?

Yes, basketball shoes for flat feet are designed to provide additional support and cushioning, reducing the risk of injuries.

2. Do I need to replace my basketball shoes regularly?

Absolutely, depending on how frequently you wear your basketball shoes, it is advised that you change them every 6-12 months.

3. Are basketball shoes for flat feet more expensive than regular basketball shoes?

Not necessarily, the price of basketball shoes for flat feet can vary depending on the brand and model.

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