21 Best Beer Brands In India Available Under Rs 200

beers in India under rs 200

When it comes to enjoying a cool drink, nothing comes closer to an ice-cold beer. The beer brands in India have increased tremendously over the years. On the other hand, beer is not just a good drink for chilling but also has health benefits. People during the summer in India consume a lot of beer to freshen up and have a good time. India, as a country, prides itself on being one of the largest consumers of beer across the globe. Chilled beer enjoyed along with some games like beer pong makes it the perfect evening. However, beer is a drink that you can have after a long day at work and it makes you feel a little relaxed. Nowadays, people usually stock their beer or any other alcohol supply at home only. In case you are wondering, what if you are on a budget and don’t have enough in your wallet? Don’t worry! We have compiled a list of the 21 best beer brands in India under Rs 200 which won’t cost you a lot.

21 best beer brands in India available under Rs 200

1. Budweiser

One of the most popular beers available not only in India but across the world as well. Budweiser is a legendary American beer that is full of great flavour and soothing buzz as well. It has a fresh and light taste, today Budweiser has become almost a synonymous with ‘beer’. Savour your bud with Budweiser plus some great Chakna as well.


Budweiser Premium: ₹170 – 650 ml
Budweiser Magnum (Strong): ₹130 – 330 ml

2. Carlsberg

Carlsberg is a huge alcohol beverage brand. Their beer on the other hand is quite flavourful and tasty. The beer is spiffy and has grainy bittersweet notes and offers a smooth experience. Carlsberg is a kind of beer you can enjoy in the summers by poolside or while preparing a barbeque party.


Carlsberg Elephant Classic Beer (Strong): ₹140 – 650 ml
Carlsberg Smooth Premium Beer (Lager): ₹145 – 650 ml

3. Kingfisher

When you hear ‘Kingfisher’, you always recall their famous Ad jingles like “Oo la la la le oo”. One of the oldest and best beer brands in India, Kingfisher is the most recognized and widely available beer brand in the country. A product of United Breweries, Kingfisher remains the ‘King of Good Times’ despite the controversies around Vijay Mallya. Affordable pricing and great flavour makes it most trustable and vastly consumed beer in India.


Kingfisher Beer (Strong): ₹145 – 650 ml
Kingfisher Beer (Lager): ₹140 – 650 ml

4. Tuborg

Started in 1873 by Carl Frederik Tietgen, Tuborg is a Danish brewing company. Tuborg is one of the finest and affordable beers in India loved in different states of the nation. It is conveniently available and is great in quality as well. Tuborg Green is mild and fresh-tasting, on the other hand, Tuborg Strong gives you a great buzz.


Tuborg Green Beer Price: ₹90 approx
Tuborg Strong Beer Price: ₹110 Approx

5. Haywards

One of the best-selling beer brands in India, especially in tier 2 and 3 cities. Haywards is popular for its iconic Haywards 5000, a brew with approx 7% alcohol. This beer has made its mark in economical pricing consumers especially. The company was founded by a Britisher named Sir Anthony Hayward.


Haywards 5000 Super Strong Beer Price: ₹100 – 650 ml

6. Heineken

Popular for its signature green bottle and the red star on the bottle, this beer is different in itself. Heineken is widely available across shops, bars and pubs making it to one of the most budget-friendly, renowned and best beer brands in India. Heineken is a Dutch pale lager and is almost a perfect mixture of flavours and essence.


Heineken Lager Beer Price: ₹150 – 330 ml

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7. Godfather

A product of Devans Modern Breweries Limited, Godfather is a flagship beer brand. Their plant is based in Jammu and commenced operations in 1961. The unique thing about this beer is its long-brewing cycle, which lasts for 25 days, as opposed to the usual 12-15 days. Due to this, the beer has a fresh taste.


Godfather Super Strong High Power Beer Price: ₹100 – 650 ml
Godfather Strong Beer Price: ₹60 – 330 ml

8. Miller

Another superb American lager in this listing, Miller is a classic popular beer brand and is famous for its bottling and smooth flavor. Reasonable price and great taste makes it very lovable among beer lovers. Sipping this during an IPL match, paired with some cheesy nachos or Pizza is the best chill time you’ll have.


Miller High Life Price: ₹160 – 650 ml.
Miller Ace Strong Price: ₹170 – 650 ml.

9. Bira 91

Bira 91, an emerging Indian beer brand. Here 91 stands for India’s country code. Bira as a brand is becoming popular for their new craft beers that’s popular among urban Indian beer consumers. Started in 2015, It has already become a household name amongst beer lovers across the country. Bira is one of the best selling premium beer in bars and pubs across tier 1 cities. In order to rectify and create beers that urban Indians would love, the company’s founder spent three months traveling across Europe.


Bira 91 Blonde Summer Lager Beer Price: ₹355 for 650 ml.
Bira 91 White Beer Price: ₹220 for 330 ml.

10. Kingfisher Ultra

Kingfisher Ultra is a more premium beer from the brand. The ultra is a smoother and a little more classier edition of the original Kingfisher brand of United Breweries.


Kingfisher Ultra Lager Beer Price: ₹140 Approx.- 650 ml

11. White Rhino Wit

A Belgian style wheat beer but with a desi twist. The rolled wheat and coriander used in making are from the Himalayas. This homegrown beer brand is light and refreshing, paired with spicy snacks like Paneer Tikka or Chilli Chicken will be just perfect.


White Rhino Wit Beer: ₹150 – 330 ml

12. Simba

A brew that is flavorful, authentic and made with high-quality ingredients. Simba is made in small batches to keep the beer fresh and by using finely crafted recipes. The packaging of this beer is also very cool and attractive.


Simba Beer Stout Price – ₹130 for 750 ml

13.  London Porter

If you love a good mocha latte, you definitely love this beer. London porter beer has a rich, chocolate-coffee essence, It can be enjoyed best with a chocolate dessert on the side.


Fuller’s London Porter Beer Price: ₹154 approx

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14.  Hopper

With two different variants like Witbier and Blonde, Hopper is a great blend. It is an authentic Belgian craft beer that recently launched in India.


Hopper Witbier Beer Price: ₹185
Hopper Blonde Beer Price: ₹185

15. Tsingtao

Tsingtao beer is a pale ale based out of an Anglo-German brewery in Qingdao on the Eastern Coast of China. The beer is extremely refreshing, this Chinese-origin beer is enjoyed perfectly with spicy Asian style cuisine, and possibly even with your favorite takeout meals.


Tsingtao Beer Price: ₹180 – 650 ml

16. Bad Monkey

With up to 8% alcohol content, Bad Monkey is one of the most emerging beer brands in the strong beer segment in the country. This super-strong beer is a close competitor to Tuborg strong.


Bad Monkey Beer Price: ₹120 – 650 ml

17. Bee Young

Crafted with high-quality ingredients, Bee Young is crisp yet subtle citrus-flavored beer. Bee Young is a brand from Kimaya Himalayan Beverages. Currently, the beer is available in Delhi NCR, U.P., Uttarakhand, and parts of Punjab.


Bee Young Crafted Strong Beer Price: ₹130 – 650 ml

18. Kati Patang

Made with natural ingredients, Kati Patang is brewed in Bhutan with Himalayan spring water and aromatic malts. The beer is very smooth goes down the throat very smooth. The beer has a strong malty taste and leaves a caramel after taste in your mouth.


Kati Patang Beer Price: ₹170 – ₹200 for 330 ml

19. Dare Devil

A devil on this list of best beer brands in India under Rs 200. Dare Devil is a strong wheat beer. This beer goes down well with some salad or namkeen snacks.


Dare Devil Beer Price: ₹120 – 650 ml

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20. Peroni

Peroni Nastro Azzurro is an internationally popular beer brand for its smooth and refreshing blonde taste beer. It is based out of Italy and will get you warm, citrusy aromas. The taste of the beer is great and can be paired perfectly with some finger food. It is one of the best beer brands in India and is very underrated.


Peroni Premium Lager Beer Price: ₹130 for 330ml

21. Simona

Another product of Thirsty Beer, Simona is a premium wheat beer offering with an essence of banana and clove. The beer is best for summers and is brewed with the help of wheat malts and live yeast.


Simona Beer Price: ₹200 – 330 ml

Hope you enjoyed these best beer brands in India under Rs 200. Cheers!

Drink Responsibly.

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