12 Best Breezer Flavours in India That You Must Try

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Launched in 1993, people often consider Bacardi Breezer as a normal fruit drink but it’s so much more than that. Breezer is an alcoholic fruity beer that is very popular for parties, especially in the summers. This brand of Bacardi has made a huge impact on the Indian young audience. These fruity alcoholic drinks are also used to make many fresh and exotic cocktails. Bacardi Breezer comes in many different flavours like lemon, peach, pineapple, apple, ruby grapefruit, lime, orange, blackberry, watermelon, cranberry, coconut, raspberry, blueberry, pomegranate, strawberry, and mango as well. Here we have compiled a list of the 12 Breezer flavours that you must try and you can decide which one is the best Breezer flavour for you.

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Here is a curated list of best Breezer flavours that you can try this summer:

1. Mango

The favourite fruit for many especially for Indians is the Summers is Mango. What if we told you that you can get a fresh Alphonso mango punch in an alcoholic drink? Bacardi Breezer mango flavour is all about that. One of the best Breezer flavour to enjoy in summers or to make mango flavoured cocktails.

2. Peach

The mild and soothing taste of peach mixed bottled with some alcohol content makes it the perfect summer drink. This Breezer flavour is great for creating different exotic cocktails with Rum and Vodka as well. If you are planning a pool or beach party with your friends or family, this would drink would double your enjoyment. Make sure you try this one of the best Beerzer flavours available in the market.

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3. Cranberry

One of the top-selling and popular Bacardi Breezer flavour in the Indian market is Cranberry. This flavour has a tangy taste that is just a treat to your tastebuds. Apart from giving you a soothing buzz and refreshment during summer, it is also used to make fantastic cocktails. This beer is easily available in the market liquor shops.

4. Lychee

Yes, you read it right, Bacardi Breezer also has a litchi flavour called tropical lychee. This Breezer flavour is a little sweeter than the rest of the flavours. You can definitely serve this to your guests if they consume alcohol as a sweet refreshment. If you love litchi as fruit, you need to try this flavour for sure.

5. Pineapple

On a hot summer day in India, a pineapple flavoured Breezer is all you need. A mix of sweet and tangy Breezer pineapple flavour is just a delight for your tastebuds. Its best consumed chilled with some spicy appetizers or by making fresh tropical cocktails. Another must-try flavour of Bacardi Breezer on a hot day.

6. Orange

A perfect choice for those who like a sweet and citrusy flavour in their drinks. The drink tastes very refreshing and cool alongside a plate of spicy finder foods. You definitely should try this orange flavour or use it in making party cocktails.

7. Blackberry

You might have enjoyed blackberry ice cream but have heard of a blackberry flavoured beer? Bacardi Breezer has an amazing blackberry flavour drink. The taste of this Breezer is unlike others with an essence of berries and hint of sweetness. You must get this drink from your local liquor shop and try it.

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8. Strawberry

Although this drink might seem familiar to the cranberry version of Bacardi Breezer but they are different in aroma and taste as well. A perfect summer drink for someone who loves strawberries. Use it in making cool cocktails for the best results.

9. Jamaican Passion

Another best-selling Bacardi Breezer across the globe is Jamaican Passion. This drink has a hint of almonds and citrus lime that makes it tangy and smooth at the same time. This has been the favourite flavour of Breezer for many people over the years.

10. Lime

A perfect balance of mouth-watering citric taste and sweetness is this lime flavoured Breezer. As Indians, we love lemonade on a hot sunny day but if you make it more flavourful and add some alcohol, it’s just next level. Try this on a sunny day and you can thank us later.

11. Ruby Grapefruit

This Breezer flavour is not as easily available in India but the taste is so good. The juicy taste of grapefruit and sweetness makes it a great premix. A great choice for someone who loves fruit punch. Use it to make cocktails on a sunny day and though shall not be regretted. 

12. Blueberry

Don’t we all love having blueberries in breakfast with a plate of pancakes but what if we could make it more exciting. Bacardi Breezer has a blueberry flavour that just feels like a fountain of blueberries in your mouth. The sweetness and smooth along with the perfect amount of alcohol makes it a perfect summer drink.

We hope you had fun exploring these Bacardi Breezer flavours and were able to find best breezer flavour for yourself. Cheers!

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