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11 Best Christian Christmas Movies To Watch Right Now

Christmas is around the corner and there’s no better thing to watch than some Christian Christmas movies with your friends and family. We all celebrate Christmas doing something together, be it travel, party, or watching TV. However, if you are a Christian you should know the real meaning of this event. Hence, we have listed down some of the best Christian Christmas movies that you can watch with your loved ones and enjoy the spirit of this holiday season.

Here’s a list of the top Christian Christmas movies for you to watch with your friends & family:

1. The Ultimate Gift (2007)

best christian christmas movies
Directed by:Michael O. Sajbel
IMDb Rating:7.3

The Ultimate Gift is a family drama movie that revolves around the story of Jason who’s a spoiled son of a billionaire. When the grandfather is on his death bead, he assigns Jason some odd tasks if he wants to inherit his wealth. Jason embarks on the journey to complete the tasks and finds real wealth, which is happiness. The movie is based on the best-selling by Jim Stovall who also did a cameo role in this film. This movie features Drew Fuller, Bill Cobbs, Ali Hillis, and Abigail Breslin to name a few.

2. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (2005)

Directed by:Andrew Adamson
IMDb Rating:6.9

One of the best Christian Christmas movies that you can watch with your family is this Narnia movie. Based on a 1950 novel by C. S. Lewis, the movie follows the story of four kids who enter the magical world of Narnia through a wardrobe in their house. The kids learn that this was all in their destiny and meet with Aslan, the Lion. To defeat the evil queen threatening Narnia, the kids join Aslan and fight alongside them to save everyone. The cast of the film includes Anna Popplewell, William Moseley, Skandar Keynes, and Tilda Swinton in key roles.

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3. VeggieTales The Best Christmas Gift (2019)

Christian Christmas Movies
Directed by:Todd Waterman
IMDb Rating:9

Veggie tales is an animated comedy Christmas movie that showcases the story of Bob and Larry who are all set to do their first Christmas show in Mr. Nezzer’s theater. However, the show ends up getting into a disaster. In order to keep the spirit alive, Bob finds a way to celebrate Christmas when things are not going well for them. This one is a family-friendly movie that you can watch with your kids during the holiday season.

4. Chasing the Star (2017)

chasing the star
Directed by:Bret Miller
IMDb Rating:3.1

Chasing The Star is one of the best Christian Christmas movies that revolves around the story of three Magi Priests from different parts of the world who travel through the desert in rough conditions. They all are heading on this journey to find the evidence of an age-old prophecy. However, the evil demons have plans to stop them on this journey. This movie showcases the victory of good over evil. The cast of the film includes Yancy Butler, Rance Howard, Terence Knox, and Garry Nation to name a few.

5. The Nativity Story (2006)

The nativity story
Directed by:Catherine Hardwicke
IMDb Rating:6.8

As the title suggests, The Nativity Story is a historical drama movie that’ll be the perfect choice for watching if you are looking for Christian Christmas movies. The film showcases the story of how Jesus was born after Mary was visited by an angel who told her of a prophecy. Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem and give birth to Jesus. A religious drama movie that gives you a brief picture of the history and birth of Jesus Christ. The movie features Keisha Castle-Hughes, Oscar Isaac, Shohreh Aghdashloo and Ciarán Hinds to name a few.

6. The Star (2017)

christian christmas movies
Directed by:Timothy Reckart
IMDb Rating:6.2

The Star is an animated comedy movie inspired by the Nativity of Jesus movie. This movie follows the story of a donkey named Bo who sets on an adventure leaving his boring life behind. He finds other animals along his journey and meets Mary and Joseph on a journey to Bethlehem. During this travel journey, they face many challenges and reach the destination where Jesus is born.

7. The Heart of Christmas (2011)

The heart of christmas
Directed by:Gary Wheeler
IMDb Rating:6.8

As the name suggests, this is an American Christian Christmas drama movie that follows the story of a couple who learn that their son, Dax, is suffering from a rare type of leukemia. The two-year-old might not be able to have a long life but to make sure he is happy, the parents decide to celebrate Christmas in October for their son. Learning about this story, other members of the community also join them in celebrating Christmas earlier. The movie features Candace Cameron Bure, Erin Bethea, and Jeanne Neilson to name a few.

8. The Family Man (2000)

the family man
Directed by:Brett Ratner
IMDb Rating:6.8

Starring Nicolas Cage, Téa Leoni, Don Cheadle, and Jake Milkovich, The Family man is a rom-com Christmas movie. It follows the story of a Wall Street broker named Jack who one day wakes up to find himself married to an old girlfriend and has children. He feels so confused as his fast-paced playboy life has suddenly turned into a nightmare. Another of the best Christian Christmas movies to watch with your family.

9. Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

christian christmas movies
Directed by:George Seaton
IMDb Rating:7.9

A classic Christmas movie to watch anytime is the comedy-drama movie Miracle on 34th Street. The movie showcases the story of a divorced mother from New York who hires an old man to play Santa at Macy’s. However, things take an interesting turn when the old man claims that he’s the real Santa Claus. The cast of the film includes Edmund Gwenn, Natalie Wood, Maureen O’Hara, and John Payne.

10. By God’s Grace (2014)

by god's grace
Directed by:Brett Eichenberger
IMDb Rating:5.5

By God’s Grace is a family drama movie featuring Cameron Deane Stewart, Roark Critchlow, Jillian Clare, and John J. York in key roles. The story of this film revolves around a 16-year-old guy named Chris who is stuck being lonely after an awful tragedy. However, he discovers that grace comes in the darkest times and makes his faith strong. A perfect Christmas movie that gives you a message about the effect our choices have on others.

11. The Perfect Gift (2009)

the perfect gift
Directed by:Jefferson Moore, Shane Sooter
IMDb Rating:7

The Perfect Gift is a family drama movie that follows the story of a wicked schoolgirl, her overworked executive mother, and a disillusioned young minister.  Each of them receives an uplifting message about friendship, commitment, and the truest meaning of Christmas from a mysterious yet friendly drifter. The cast of the film includes Jefferson Moore, Christina Fougnie, Matt Wallace, and Tom Luce.

We hope you had fun exploring these top Christian Christmas movies. Merry Christmas!

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