21 Best Gin Brands In India That You Must Try (With Price & Details)

best gin brands in India

Gin has been one of the most popular forms of alcohol that people consume across the globe. It actually started way back in the 17th century in England and became their national spirit for which they celebrate ‘World Gin Day’ as well. Every gin has a different texture and flavour which can be used in making exotic drinks. Gimlet and Martini are some popular cocktails that are made with the help of gin. Another famous drink would gin and tonic which is one of the highest consumed liquor combos. If you are looking to explore more about gins, we have curated a list of the 21 best gin brands in India which you must try.

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Here is a list of the best gin brands in India with price that you need to try in 2021:

1. Bombay Sapphire

One of the most renowned gin brands in India is Bombay Sapphire that was launched in 1987 and later acquired by Bacardi in 1997. When you look at the colour and packaging of this gin bottle it looks so attractive and beautiful. This gin contains 10 hand-picked botanicals for a fresh and balanced taste. Bombay Sapphire is popularly known to be used in exotic cocktails like Martini, Sapphire Aline and more.

Bombay Sapphire Alcohol Content: 40%
Price of Bombay Sapphire:
Rs. 2600 (approx.)

2. Hendrick’s

A competitive brand in the Gin market worldwide, Hendrik’s was invented by Lesley Gracie who was hired by William Grant. It was launched in 1999 and uses a total of 11 unique botanicals. Hendrink’s gin is known popularly for its cucumber and rose flavour that makes it unique from other gins. It is prepared using unusual 2 types of the distillation process in small batches up to 500 litres.

Hendrick’s Gin Alcohol Content: 44%
Price of Hendrick’s Gin:
Rs. 1400 (approx.)

3. Hapusa

Hapusa is a gin brand that is actually made in India and produced using local juniper, turmeric, mango, ginger, cardamom, coriander seeds, gondhoraj limes and almonds. A fun fact about the brand name, Hapusa actually means juniper in Sanskrit. This Himalayan dry gin has a unique flavour and is produced by a company named NAO Spirits.

Hapusa Gin Alcohol Content: 43%
Price of Hapusa Gin:
Rs. 2600 (approx.)

4. The Botanist

Produced by Bruichladdich distillery, The Botanist is the first and only dry gin originating from Islay, Scotland. It is made with 22 locally selected wild Islay botanicals and has notes of citrus and menthol. This gin was launched in 2010 and is widely used now as a mixing gin to make cocktails or with tonic water as well.

The Botanist Alcohol Content: 46%
Price of The Botanist Gin:
3200 (approx.)

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5. Tanqueray

A market leader in the gin market especially in the US, Tanqueray was introduced way back in 1830 by Charles Tanqueray. This dry gin made by double distilling grain with 3 significant botanicals after juniper namely coriander, angelica root, and liquorice. Tanqueray is regarded as the best gin to make cocktails and is used for making a variety of exotic cocktails. It was the world’s best-selling gin in 2016 and has won multiple awards over the years due to its unmistakable taste.

Tanqueray Gin Alcohol Content: 43.1%
Price of Tanqueray Gin:
Rs. 3000 (approx.)

6. Monkey 47

Originating from the Black Forest of Germany, Monkey 47 is a complex layered dry gin. The gin is named with 47 unique botanicals and was created by Montgomery “Monty” Collins, a British officer of the Royal Air Force who grew up in India. This gin was introduced in 2008 and contains a mix of flavours like berries, citrus fruit, fruit, herbs, juniper, pepper and spices.

Monkey 47 Alcohol Content: 47%
Price of Monkey 47 Gin:
4800 (approx.)

7. Colombo No. 7

A Sri Lankan recipe produced in England, Colombo No. 7 is inspired by Rockland Distillery which was founded in 1924. It is a layered light and bright gin with notes of sweet cinnamon and ginger. While being an awesome gin it has a right history that goes way back to the time of World War Two. This gin is distilled in copper pots and is recommended to be enjoyed with spicy snacks.

Colombo No. 7 Alcohol Content: 43.1%
Price of Colombo No. 7 Gin:
3800 (approx.)

8. Greater Than 

Greater Than is the one and only London dry gin that is being made in India. It uses a total of nine botanicals which includes juniper, coriander seeds, ginger etc. which makes it very citrusy. Greater Than gin can be best enjoyed with a mixer like tonic water due to its citrusy taste. This Indian gin brand has made a name in local as well as international market segments as well.

Greater Than Alcohol Content: 42.8%
Price of Greater Than Gin: Rs. 1450

9. Gin Mare

Gin Mare is a Mediterranean inspired gin made with different botanicals like including rosemary, thyme, basil and a good amount of zest. This gin is very popular in the US and European markets. It has light notes of citrus and spices making it a suitable drink to chill with. It was launched in 2012 and has made it amongst one of the top-selling gins.

Gin Mare Alcohol Content: 42.7%
Price of Gin Mare:
Rs. 3800 (approx.)

10. Sipsmith

Sipsmith was launched by Sam Galsworthy and Fairfax Hall in 2009 and is the first-ever copper-pot based distillery to be started in London. This gin is made with 10 botanicals, a few of them includes juniper, coriander seeds, angelica roots and lemon peel. It is an award-winning gin with notes of cinnamon, pepper and coriander.

Sipsmith Alcohol Content: 41.6%
Price of Sipsmith Gin:
Rs. 2700 (approx.)

11. Magellan

Magellan is a French-based gin that derives its name from the first man who circumnavigated the earth named Ferdinand de Magellan. Like Bombay Sapphire, it also has a blue colour which makes it very noticeable when at a bar. It is a triple distilled gin made with 11 total botanicals and has a floral type of flavour. It derives its ice blue colour from Irish flowers.

Magellan Alcohol Content: 43%
Price of Magellan Gin:
Rs. 2000 (approx.)

12. BullDog

An English dry gin that is made with botanicals like lotus leaves, poppy, lavender and 9 other interesting ingredients. BullDog is 4 times distilled in copper pot stills and has very complex yet unique aromas. It has a very different flavour than the rest of the gins in this segment due to its distillation and mixing of natural botanicals. It is enjoyed best with tonic, lime juice and freshly ground pepper.

BullDog Alcohol Content: 40%
Price of BullDog Gin:
Rs. 1800 (approx.)

13. Star Of Bombay

A premium variant of the Bombay Sapphire, Star of Bombay is a London dry gin with Bergamot orange peel from Calabria in southern Italy and Ambrette seed. It has a strong aroma of coriander and a bit more earth notes. This is gin is distilled very slowly for a rich and premium taste. The botanicals of this and Bombay Sapphire gin are the same.

Star Of Bombay Alcohol Content: 47.5%
Price of Star Of Bombay Gin:
Rs. 2400 (approx.)

14. Beefeater

Founded by James Burrough and company. Beefeater is a London dry gin with a nine-note recipe that hasn’t been tampered with yet. It was introduced in 1876 and contains various botanicals like juniper, coriander seeds, almonds, licorice, Seville oranges etc. Beefeater has a smooth and clean flavour as all raws and herbs are soaked for a day before the refining process starts.

Beefeater Alcohol Content: 40%
Price of Beefeater Gin:
Rs. 1500 (approx.)

15. Dutch Courage

Dutch Courage originates from Holland and is a grain-based spirit. The gin has a crispy taste dry gin that has lite notes of citrus and rose petals. Its crisp taste makes it perfect for making cocktails like Martinis. This gin is made using nine botanicals like coriander, orange peel and lemon among others. It is also believed that Dutch gin was used by English soldiers for its calming effects before the battle.

Dutch Courage Alcohol Content: 44.5%
Price of Dutch Courage Gin:
Rs. 3500 (approx.)

16. Jodhpur

As the name suggests, Jodhpur is a London dry gin inspired by India but made in England. It is made from botanicals like orange, lemon, grapefruit peel and more making it a perfectly balanced gin. The brand has two other variants as well namely the piquant Jodhpur Spicy and the oak-aged Jodhpur Reserve that are worth trying.

Jodhpur Gin Alcohol Content: 43%
Price of Jodhpur Gin:
Rs. 3500 (approx.)

17. Stranger & Sons

A homegrown brand based out of Goa, Stranger & Sons is a London style dry gin with a bright and citrusy flavour. This gin was launched by Third Eye Distillery in 2018 and is made with 9 inherently Indian botanicals. Currently, the gin is widely is available in Goa, Mumbai & Pune in India. It was co-founded by Sakshi Saigal, Vidur Gupta and Rahul Mehra.

Stranger & Sons Alcohol Content: 42.8%
Price of Stranger & Sons Gin:
Rs. 1855

18. Gunpowder

This stunning looking gin is an Irish brand made with botanicals like meadowsweet, orris root and gunpowder tea from Zhejiang. It is a handcrafted gin distilled at The Shed Distillery, Ireland with notes of green tea and bright citrus. It is recommended to enjoy this drink alongside spicy food or some sliced fruits.

Gunpowder Alcohol Content: 43%
Price of Gunpowder Gin:
Rs. 2500 (approx.)

19. Samsara

Another Indian craft gin that is getting popular these days is Samsara gin. It is based out of Goa and distilled using the classic London dry gin style. This gin is made with botanicals like organic hemp seeds, rose petals etc. and has a floral & citrusy taste. Samsara gin is a brand of Spaceman & Company, founded by Aditya Aggarwal. Currently, the gin is available in Goa but will be soon launched for international markets as well.

Samsara Alcohol Content: 42.8%
Price of Samsara Gin:
Rs. 1350

20. No3

A perfectly balanced London dry gin produced by Berry Bros. & Rudd, that was originally created to perfect the dry martini. The name No3 was derived from their address “ the address of BBR – Number 3, St James’s Street”. An interesting fact about this gin is that it is the only gin in the world to have won ‘World’s Best’ four times. It is made with botanicals like juniper, citrus & spice among others.

No3 Alcohol Content: 46%
Price of No3 Gin:
Rs. 2600 (approx.)

21. Caorunn

Caorunn Gin is a modern London dry gin with a clean and crisp taste. It is made with a mix of traditional and handpicked botanicals like heather, coul blush apple and dandelion among others. This gin is distilled at Balmenach Distillery with taste notes of citrus blossom and floral. Caorunn originated in 1824 and is regarded as a perfect partner for cocktail lovers.

Caorunn Alcohol Content: 41.8%
Price of Caorunn Gin:
Rs. 2700 (approx.)

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We hope you had fun exploring these best gin brands in India. Cheers!

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