18 Best Budget Hostels In Goa For Adventurous Solo Travellers (2022)

best hostels in Goa to stay

It’s that time of year again when we each start planning our annual trip to the beautiful city of GOA. Considering our budgetary limits and the high demand season, we all want to save as much as possible. And what could be better than saving it on accommodation and still getting a quality stay? This is your guide to the 18 most famous and best hostels in Goa to have the best time of your life and meet people from all over the world and expand your mental horizons. There are numerous hostels of various price ranges and we have shortlisted some of the best hostels in Goa for solo travellers.

Here is a list of the best budget backpackers hostels in Goa to stay on your trip:

1. Crafts Hostel

Crafts hostel goa
Crafts hostel goa

Crafts Hostel is located in the Anjuna area of North Goa. Places like Calangute Beach (2.5 Km) and Anjuna Flea Market (100 m) are quite accessible from the hostel. They provide modern amenities like comfortable beds, a shared kitchen, along with free WiFi connection. This hostel is especially loved by couple travellers due to its beautiful indoors.

Cost For One Night: Rs 845

2. Woke Hostel

Woke hostel goa
woke hostel goa

The Woke Hostel is situated in the Morjim area and offers a wide range of services to its guests. This beachfront hostel is popular for its modern interiors and chill vibe. An all grey and white property has a big swimming pool, enough for all of your friends to dive in together. This hostel has private bedrooms and shared bunk beds, plus free Wi-Fi. They only welcome adults.

Cost for One Night: Rs. 446

3. The Hosteller

The Hosteller goa
The hosteller goa

The Hosteller is a popular hostel situated near the Anjuna region of North Goa. This hostel has a very beautiful garden with access to the Anjuna beach as it’s quite nearby. If you are in the mood to party, you can go to Curlies Pub & Bar which is just 100m from the hostel. They have good liquor and food options in-house as well.

Cost For One Night: Rs 800

4. Pappi Chulo Hostel

pappi chulo goa hostel
pappi chulo goa hostel

Pappi Chulos is located on the cliffs within walking distance of Little Vagator Beach, 9 Bar, Thalassa, and most Vagator activities. spaces including a living room, kitchen area and a pleasant and friendly garden with a bar, which means it is easy to make friends with other travellers.

Cost for One Night: Rs. 249

5. Xoxo Hostel

xoxo hostel goa
xoxo hostel goa

Xoxo Hostel is a premium yet affordable hostel in Goa for solo travellers. They offer good private rooms as well as mixed dorms for your stay. This hostel is located in the Anjuna area that offers a restaurant bar, free private parking, an outdoor swimming pool and AC dorms. A pretty good option for party lovers who like to travel on a budget.

Cost For One Night: Rs 1,000

6. Piggy Hostel Calangute

piggy hostel goa
piggy hostel goa

Piggy Hostel has many properties situated in areas of Goa like Vagator, Arambol etc. but the Calangute one stands the best. It is situated in the heart of North Goa which makes it very accessible to the famous Calangute Beach. The hostel provides free private parking, a bar and a garden where you can meet new people and make friends.

Cost For One Night: Rs 599

7. Jungle Hostel by Sturmfrei

Jungle hostel goa
Jungle hostel goa

Jungle by thehostelcrowd is one of Goa’s unique hostels. Unlike any other hippie and rustic hostel, this one has a completely white interior and is very quiet. They present a bit of Portuguese history to their guests. It’s a great place to relax with a lot of greenery. You can spend time by the pool, and enjoy some great food and drink in their cafe and bar.

Cost for One Night: Rs. 450

8. Wonderland Hostel

Wonderworld hostel goa
Wonderland hostel goa

Another affordable yet stay-worthy hostel for backpackers in Goa is Wonderland Hostel situated in the Anjuna area. It has an adult-only accommodation with amenities like a bar, a shared lounge and a garden to chill and meet new people. The property has a 24/7 front desk with a free wifi connection for their guests.

Cost For One Night: Rs 523

9. The Musafir Hostel

The Musafir hostel

Musafir is yet another hostel located in the Anjuna area that has a bar, free private parking, a shared lounge and a terrace. You’ll see something entertaining happening every evening on this property. This hostel has very chill and calm vibes where you feel relaxed and meet new people.

Cost For One Night: Rs 500

10. Red Door Hostel

The red door hostel goa
The red door hostel goa

Red Door hostel is yet another hostel on this list that is accessible and affordable. The hostel has facilities like air-conditioned rooms, comfortable bunker beds, attractive decor and lots of fun things to do. Therefore, this hostel is adored by solo travellers all over the country. The nearest beach to this hostel is Anjuna beach (500m away).

Cost For One Night: Rs 446

11. Dreams Hostel

Dreams hostel goa
Dreams hostel goa

Definitely, it’s like a wanderer dream to have the option to live and work simply near the beaches of Vagator in Goa. Dreams Hostel allows all the wanderers to do precisely that. Why not enjoy an amazing stay at Dreams? With hippy flows in no short inventory, a good Wi-Fi connection and very pleasant accommodation, there’s a great deal to cherish about Dreams Hostel. A cosy and communal backpackers hostel that solo travellers would love to stay.

Cost For One Night: Rs 550

12. The Bucket List Goa

The bucket list goa hostel

The Bucket List Hostel in Goa is one of the most popular hostels not in India but in the world. This hostel has been featured under The Best Backpacker’s Hostels in the world. The Bucket list Hostel attracts creative backpackers from across the globe, offering a colourful and budget-friendly environment to relax, create and party with a diverse community.

Cost For One Night: Rs 501

13. Hashtag Rooms

Hashtags room goa hostel
hashtag rooms goa

Hashtag rooms is a hostel in the heart of North Goa i.e. Calangute. You can easily access Calangute beach as it is a mere distance of 100 m. The hostel has facilities like free parking, continental breakfast and paid transport to the nearest airport. This hostel is easily suitable for all types of travellers. The staff is also very helpful and cooperative.

Cost For One Night: Rs 400

14. The Lost Hostel Goa

The lost hostel goa
hostel in goa for backpackers

Located in the heart of South Goa, The Lost Hostel is unlike any hostel as it has very calm and chill vibes touching the Palolem beach. They also have a garden where you can relax and have a nice evening with your friends. Apart from that, this hostel offers a 24-hour front desk and a shared kitchen, along with a free WiFi connection.

Cost For One Night: Rs 399

15. Bon Voyage Hostel

Bon Voyage hostel goa
Bon voyage hostel

Bon Voyage is one of the best hostels in Goa located in the Vagator area. The hostel has a restaurant, bar, a shared lounge and a garden inside the property to keep you entertained. This hostel is decked on the riverfront with a serene view giving you a calming experience.

Cost For One Night: Rs 500

16. OLD QUARTER by thehostelcrowd

Old quarter hostel
old quarter

This beautiful hostel is situated in the Portuguese Heritage Zone of Panjim – dissimilar to elsewhere in Goa or India. It’s an extraordinary spot to explore by bicycle! Assuming you need to partake in India’s littlest state capital – a pearl of pioneer engineering, then, at that point, you ought to think about the OLD QUARTER Hostel.

Cost For One Night: Rs 600

17. goStops Goa

Gostops hostel
go stops

GoStops is a recently opened hostel in the Calangute area of North Goa. An ideal hostel for backpackers who are looking to explore and experience the rich culture of India. The staff of the hostel is very helpful and help you with local sightseeing as well. You can access free parking and free wifi on the premises as well.

Cost For One Night: Rs 500

18. The Funky Monkey Hostel

The funky hostel
the funky hostel for solo travel

An award-winning hostel that is located just 4- Minute walk from Anjuna Beach. The Funky Monkey Hostel is one of the best hostels in Goa for modern backpackers as it has a huge garden & chill-out areas along with an in-house library. This hostel also has a dedicated area for work-space and yoga that you can access as a guest.

Cost For One Night: Rs 500

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We hope you had fun exploring these best backpackers hostels in Goa. Cheers!

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