12 Best Jenna Ortega Movies and TV Shows To Watch Now

jenna ortega movies and TV shows

Jenna Ortega has become quite popular after the release of her latest dark comedy series on Netflix named ‘Wednesday’. She has been acting since childhood and is part of popular franchises like Iron Man and Insidious. However, she was always seen as a supporting actor who didn’t put her into much of the limelight. Jena gained recognition after her role as young Jane in the show Jane The Virgin.

Now with her character as Wednesday Adams, she has become a fan favorite. We have curated a list of the best Jenna Ortega movies and TV shows that fans must watch.

Here’s a list of the top Jenna Ortega movies and TV shows that you need to watch:

1. Wednesday

jenna ortega wednesday
Created by:Miles Millar, Alfred Gough
IMDb Rating:8.3

Wednesday is a horror comedy TV series that revolves around the story of Wednesday Adams and Nevermore Academy. After being expelled from her last high school, Wednesday joins Nevermore Academy which is popular for having outcasts like herself. Her parents also studied at the same school when they were young. As the story proceeds, Wednesday finds out that according to a prophecy, she will be the reason for the destruction of Nevermore Academy. This leads her to investigate more about a monster and a family that hate outcasts and want to kill them.

Jenna plays the character of Wednesday and totally nails it with her performance. The show has completed the first season and fans are eagerly waiting for her to return as Wednesday in the next season.

2. You

jenna ortega movies and tv shows
Created by:Sera Gamble, Greg Berlanti
IMDb Rating:7.7

‘You’ is one of the top psychological thriller series of all time featuring Penn Badgley, Victoria Pedretti, Jenna Ortega, and James Scully to name a few. The show follows the story of Joe Goldberg, a bookstore manager who falls for an aspiring writer. However, his love becomes an obsession which leads him to commit crimes and murder for the sake of his love. Joe is a charming guy who comes in as an average guy but inside his head is an obsession that goes extreme.

Jenna Plays the character of Ellie Alves who is introduced in the second season of the show. Joe lives in a building managed by Ellie’s sister Delilah who is also an investigative reporter.

3. The Fallout

jenna ortega movies and tv shows
Directed by:Megan Park
IMDb Rating:7

The Fallout is a teen drama movie that showcases the story of Vada, a high school student who discovers herself after a tragedy. This leads Vada to rethink her relationship with her friends as well as her family. She meets Mia during this journey and tends to become very close to her. As she is away from her ordinary family routine, she takes more risks which leads to new experiences.

Jenna Ortega plays the lead character of Vada in this movie along with Maddie Ziegler who plays Mia. The movie has received a lot of good reviews from acclaimed critics especially when it comes to Jenna’s acting performance.

4. Iron Man 3

jenna ortega iron man 3
Directed by:Shane Black
IMDb Rating:7.1

From MCU, Iron Man 3 is a superhero action drama movie where Tony Stark faces a terrorist named Mandarin as his foe. Iron Man is defeated by Mandarin at first which leads Tony to go on a journey of self-discovery. He starts to build a powerful suit that can defeat Mandarin and save New York from getting destroyed. An action-packed movie from Marvel Studios that fans adore.

Jenna Ortega plays a small role in the movie where she can be seen as the daughter of Vice President Rodriguez. She is shown as a disabled child who lost her leg.

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5. Scream 5

jenna ortega movies and tv shows
Directed by:Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett
IMDb Rating:6.3

The latest installment of the Scream franchise, this movie revolves around the story of the quiet town of Woodsboro. After 25 years of brutal murders, a new serial killer has put on the Ghostface mask and started killing a group of teenagers. When Sam’s sister is attacked by the killer she makes a return to the town and asks Dewey Riley to help her in catching the killer.

Jenna plays the character of Sam’s sister Tara who is attacked by the Ghostface killer. The survivors of the last attack come together and investigate the face behind this new masked killer in town.

6. Yes Day

jenna ortega Yes day
Directed by:Miguel Arteta
IMDb Rating:5.7

‘Yes Day’ is a comedy-drama movie featuring Jenna Ortega, Jennifer Garner, Édgar Ramirez, and Julian Lerner in key roles. The movie follows the story of parents who usually say “no” to their kids when they ask for something. To make things right, the parents decide to give their three kids a “yes day” where they say yes to their kids wildest requests. The film is based on a best-seller children’s book by the same name.

Jenna Ortega plays the character of one of the older children in the family named Katie Torres. A family entertainer movie that you can watch and enjoy the laughter. One of the best Jenna Ortega movies and TV shows to stream now.

7. Insidious: Chapter 2

jenna ortega movies and tv shows
Directed by:James Wan
IMDb Rating:6.5

Insidious: Chapter 2 is a horror movie that revolves around the story of Josh Lambert and his family who are haunted by a terrifying spirit. In the earlier part, they thought the evil spirit was defeated and they move places. However, the spirit continues to haunt them and is somehow related to the childhood of Josh Lambert. A dark and horror sequel to one of the top horror movie franchises of all time.

Ortega plays the character of Annie, which is a small part of the flashback scene in the movie. She looks very young in the scene and is even hard to recognize when compared to her current look.

8. Jane The Virgin

Jenna ortega Jane the virgin
Created by:Perla Farías
IMDb Rating:7.9

One of the iconic comedy-drama series, Jane The Virgin is the story of a girl named Jane who accidentally gets pregnant after artificial insemination. This leaves her in shock as she has never been sexually involved with anyone including her fiance. She later finds out that the donor of the child is her boss and a longtime crush. This medical slip-up turns her life into chaos and makes her rethink how she wanna live.

Ortega plays the character of young Jane in the show which made her very popular as a character.

9. Stuck in the Middle

jenna ortega movies and tv shows
Created by:Alison Brown
IMDb Rating:6.2

Stuck in the Middle is a Disney comedy series featuring Jenna Ortega, Isaak Presley, Ariana Greenblatt, and Malachi Barton to name a few. The show follows the story of a middle child of the family named Harley who is creatively sharp which makes her stand out from the rest of her siblings. The parents are always pretty busy leaving the six children to create trouble in the house.

Ortega plays the lead character of Harley in this Disney show and is very smart with her acting. The show ended in 2018 when she becomes an adult and not a teenager anymore.

10. X

jenna ortega movies and tv shows
Directed by:Ti West
IMDb Rating:6.6

X is a horror thriller movie that revolves around the story of a group of filmmakers and actors who a trying to shoot an adult movie in rural Texas. However, when the old-age host finds out about this, he tries to kill everyone involved in this. A suspenseful thriller movie that keeps you on your toes until the end.

Jenna Ortega plays the character of Lorraine in the movie and is part of the filmmaking crew. One of the best Jenna Ortega movies and TV shows where you can see her genuine acting skills.

11. Saving Flora

Saving flora jenna ortega
Directed by:Mark Drury Taylor
IMDb Rating:5.8

Saving Flora is a wholesome adventure drama movie that follows the story of a circus elephant who is unable to perform tricks in front of an audience anymore. The circus owner tried to get rid of the elephant but her 14-year-old daughter named Dawn sneaks her out. They both travel the woods in order to reach the elephant reserve that is 200 kilometers away from them. During this long journey, they become close friends and find each other facing many challenges.

Ortega plays the character of Dawn in the movie and is cute as ever. She takes you on an adventure along with a roller coaster of emotions at the same time.

12. Elena of Avalor

jenna ortega movies and tv shows
Created by:Craig Gerber
IMDb Rating:6.5

Elena of Avalor is an animated adventure drama series that revolves around the story of Princess Elena who is on a mission to take back her kingdom and her parents from Shuriki. When she defeats Shuriki in a battle, she now needs to learn how to rule a kingdom. She needs to learn responsibility and compassion in order to become a ruler of the kingdom.

Ortega plays the character of Elena’s sister named Princess Isabel who is part of Elena’s adventurous journey.

We hope you had fun exploring these best Jenna Ortega movies and TV shows. Cheers!

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