20 Best Perfumes For Men In India Under Rs. 1000

best perfume for men under 1000

Whether you are going to college, work or to an amazing party, you want to make a good impression. For that, you need to look sharp as well as smell good but not everyone has a big budget for that. Today, we will be exploring some top budget-friendly perfumes for men that will leave a lasting impression. You can wear these fragrances on a daily basis and smell refreshing whenever you enter a room. We have curated a list just for you about the best perfume brands for men under Rs 1000 in India.

Here is a list of the best budget perfumes for men under Rs 1000 in India:

1. Beardo Dark Side Perfume

Crafted especially for men, Beardo Dark Side perfume is one of the best-selling fragrances in India. Beardo as a brand is famous for its high-quality products for men’s personal care and health. Its Dark Side perfume for men has got a long-lasting woody and spicy note making it a very masculine fragrance. On the other hand, it is not so much strong on the nose and hits you with a citrusy yet premium scent. One of the best perfumes for men to buy under Rs 1000 in India.

2. The Man Company Black

The Man Company’s best and one of the highest-selling perfumes in India is called ‘Black’. An excellent scented perfume that goes in handy when you are travelling, working or just chilling with your friends. This perfume is made of nine ingredients such as Lavender, Birch leaves, Juniper, Lemon etc. and is totally gas-free. It is masculine skin-friendly and is known for its long-lasting fragrance. A rich blend that hits you and the person near you for sure.

3. Ustraa Base Camp Cologne

Another best-selling perfume for men under the budget of Rs 1000 in India is Ustaa’s Base Camp Cologne. Ustaa is known for its innovative grooming products for men and this scent from them also doesn’t disappoint you. No gas, but 3 times more perfume with a cool and refreshing fragrance that lasts long. It has notes like Lime, Rosemary and Amber that gives you a premium crisp scent that you can wear daily or on special occasions as well.

4. Biotique Blissfull Lavender Perfume

Biotique as a brand is known for its organic and ayurvedic personal care products across the country. Not many people know but they also have a line of unisex perfumes with fragrances like Fresh Neroli, Lavender, Jasmine and many more. The Lavender version however stands out with its aromatic and natural scent. The best part is that this product is dermatologically tested and isn’t tested on any animals making it cruelty-free. A premium yet affordable perfume for men in India under Rs 1000.

5. Skinn by Titan Fragrance

Skinn by Titan is a premium perfume brand in India with long-lasting and aromatic scents for men and women. This perfume is crafted in the USA with the finest ingredients and juicy notes such as lavender oil, aromatic leather accords and woody oakmoss. Verge is a classic fragrance that goes in handy while travelling or going outdoor with friends.

6. AXE Signature Gold Black Musk & Cedar Wood

Another popular perfume brand for men which is used widely in the Indian market is Axe’s Signature series. Axe Signature Gold Black with ingredients like musk & cedarwood is an exotic fresh scent that is crafted beautifully. You can use this perfume daily like going to work, college or just chilling with your loved ones. It’s an elegant fragrance with long-lasting features for men who are looking for affordable yet quality scented perfumes in India.

7. Denver Hamilton Perfume

Denver has been a renowned brand among the budget-friendly deodorant buyers in the country but they also have perfume in the same segment. Denver’s Hamilton perfume is a long-lasting, fresh and aromatic scent that keeps body odour away. The brand is also endorsed by none other than King of Bollywood aka Shah Rukh Khan. It has hints of Bergamot and Verbena that make this perfume’s scent an addition to your infectious charm. A great and budget-friendly perfume option for men in India under Rs 1000.

8. NIKE Indigo Man

We all know Nike as a brand with some great products like Sneakers, track pants, T-shirts etc. but apart from the sporting range they also have some great personal care perfumes as well. Nike’s Indigo Man perfume has a woody aromatic fragrance that keeps your body odour away for hours. Keep this handy scented perfume with you while at work or going to the gym to smell great.

9. Fogg Impressio Scent

Launched in 2011, Fogg has successfully captured a segment for itself in the affordable scented perfumes for men and women in India. It widely advertised its USP of products i.e. ‘0% gas and only perfume’ with clever marketing and ads. Fogg’s Impressio Scent is a widely selling perfume for men with rose, jasmine, honey-amber accord, and sandalwood notes. Its long-lasting features keep your body odour away for hours and make you feel fresh.

10. Villain Perfume

Villain perfume has a strong yet earthy note that all day long to keep your BO away. Made with premium exotic ingredients with notes like Orange Blossom, Jasmine and Vanilla, this scent surely adds more points to your charm. This fragrance is suitable for casual as well as special occasions and can be used on any skin type. An elegant choice of scented perfume for men under Rs 1000 in India.

11. W.O.W. Perfumes Black Jack

Black Jack perfume by W.O.W. is a perfect party scent to wear for men during a party or casual evening outdoors. This perfume has notes of sandalwood and cedarwood making its scent aromatic and revitalizing. It is a high-quality long-lasting perfume for modern men with a very noticeable scent.

12. Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Perfume

One of the best budget perfumes for men in India is Wild Stone’s Ultra Sensual Perfume. It has notes like Rosemary, Basil, Dry Amber, Moss, and Cardamom with a long-lasting exotic scent. Wild Stone has been a popular grooming brand for men in India and doesn’t disappoint us with this affordable yet quality fragrance. It is an ideal perfume to wear daily at work, college or going outdoors.

13. All Good Scents Urbane Nights

Urbane Nights perfume from All Good Scents is a premium quality fragrance that is 100% vegan and long-lasting. It has a fresh, spicy and woody scent with notes like grapefruit, rose, and blond leather. One of the premium yet affordable perfumes in India for men under Rs 1000. This scented perfume will definitely grab people’s attention when you enter a room to impress.

14. Bella Vita Organic Fresh Unisex Perfume

Fresh by Bella Vita Organic is a refreshing and exotic fragrance that makes you feel fresh throughout the day, especially during the summer. It is a unisex perfume with a woody aquatic fragrance that keeps your body odour away. This perfume has notes of spicy floral accord of jasmine and bay leaf creating this super fresh scented perfume for men and women.

15. The Perfumer Redd Perfume

The Perfumer’s Redd fragrance for men is one of the best-voted products in this segment. It has a fresh and sensual scent with a long-lasting effect making it a perfect choice for date night or outdoors. This scented perfume is crafted in Spain with a 100 ml travel-friendly packaging. A must try sensual perfume for men in India under Rs 1000.

16. Essenza Di Wills Inizio Aqua Homme

Essenza Di Wills is a luxury brand of scented perfumes known for its long-lasting and dynamic fragrance. This Inizo Aqua perfume has aromatic notes of French rosemary, clary sage and Tonka beans. This perfume for men is super portable and travel friendly making it easier to carry around even in your pocket. An aquatic and fresh perfume scent making you noticeable among the crowd.

17. Evaflor Whisky Black

Another luxury yet affordable branded perfume for men in India under Rs 1000 is Evaflor’s Whisky Black. It has lime, watery and tonka bean notes with a citrusy yet floral fragrance to it. A very good fragrance to wear daily as well occasionally. With a nice masculine scent, Evaflor’s Whisky Black definitely makes you noticeable among the crowd especially ladies.

18. Yardley London Gentleman Classic

Yardley London’s Classic Gentleman perfume is a great scent that you can wear daily at work or attending college. With Yardley London, comes the trust of a premium yet affordable scent with long-lasting and premium quality. A classic perfume with earthy tones that makes you noticeable around people. Another great scent for an all-day active and confident feel without worrying about your body odour.


Ulric De Varens is a Paris based luxury brand with some of the best fragrances in this price segment. UDV’s Night scented perfume for men has fruity notes with hints of cedarwood, cinnamon bark, ambery and tonka bean making it a masculine fragrance. The perfume lasts long and has premium features making it ideal to wear daily and on special occasions as well.

20. Ajmal Ascend Eau De Parfum Oriental

Last but not the least, Ajmal perfumes as a brand have always innovated with their world-renowned fragrances for men and women. One of the most classic and innovative scented perfumes by Ajmal is their Ascend Eau De Parfum Oriental for men. A very sophisticated perfume that is an ideal choice to wear on a daily basis at work or college. It has a fruity and fresh aroma with juicy citrus notes that makes you fall in love with the scent.

Top perfumes for men under Rs 1000 in India with ratings:

Perfume NameRating
Beardo Dark Side Perfume4/5
The Man Company Black3.7/5
Ustraa Base Camp Cologne3.8/5
Biotique Blissful Lavender Perfume3.7/5
Skinn by Titan Fragrance4.2/5
AXE Signature Gold Black Musk & Cedar Wood4/5
Denver Hamilton Perfume4/5
NIKE Indigo Man4/5
Fogg Impressio Scent4.1/5
Villain Perfume3.9/5
W.O.W. Perfumes Black Jack3.8/5
Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Perfume3.9/5
All Good Scents Urbane Nights3.8/5
Bella Vita Organic Fresh Unisex Perfume3.8/5
The Perfumer Redd Perfume3.3/5
Essenza Di Wills Inizio Aqua3.8/5
Evaflor Whisky Black3.7/5
Yardley London Gentleman Classic3.7/5
Ulric de Varens Udv Blue4.4/5
Ajmal Ascend Eau De Parfum Oriental3.8/5

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We hope you had fun exploring these best perfume brands for men under Rs 1000. Cheers!

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