13 Best Perfumes For Men Under Rs 2000 In India

best perfume for men under 2000

When you are out and about, definitely wanna feel good, look good and smell good. If you have landed on this page then I’m sure that you definitely wanna smell good as you are looking for the best perfumes for men under 2000.

It’s probably one of the best features that a woman notices when you are around. Smelling good gets people’s attention and makes you feel confident about yourself and make a statement.

If you are bombarded with lots of perfume options for men but feel confused, don’t worry. Here we have curated a list of some of the best perfumes for men under 2000 that’ll make you smell good instantly.

Here’s a list of the top perfumes for men under the budget of Rs 2000 to try:

1. Jaguar Classic Black Eau De Toilette

best perfumes for men under 2000

Jaguar one of the most popular and luxurious brands when it comes to fragrances. As you can guess, Jaguar is a luxurious car manufacturer but also design some great perfumes for car lovers. This perfume has a thrilling vibe and elegant design making it look very classy.

Coming to the fragrance, it has top notes like green apple, orange, and heart notes like sandalwood, cedarwood etc. A must-try luxurious perfume for men under 2000 that’s totally worth it.

Year of release: 2009

  • Top Notes: Green Apple, Orange, Tangerine
  • Mid Notes: Cardamom, Nutmeg, Black Tea
  • Base Notes: Sandalwood, White Musk, Cedarwood

2. Nautica Classic Man Eau de Toilette

best perfume for men under 2000

When it comes to the best perfumes for men under 2000 in India, Nautica’s Classic Man has to be on the list. This is a semi-premium perfume that has a rich fusion of dewy moss and refined woody amber. It gives you a very fresh kinda smell that makes you feel confident and make that first impression.

The perfume has top notes like lemon, lavender, and base notes like cedarwood, musk etc. A trusted fragrance for men that never disappoints in making a statement.

Year of release: 1992

  • Top Notes: Aldehydes, Lime, Bergamot, Lemon, Neroli, Coriander, Cinnamon
  • Mid Notes: Jasmine, Cyclamen, Rose, Caraway
  • Base Notes: Cedar, Musk, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Amber

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3. Skinn By Titan Raw and Verge Combo

best perfume for men under 2000

Skinn by Titan is one of the most popular Indian brands when it comes to the best perfumes for men. This is a discounted combo pack where you will get two different kinds of fragrances to make you smell different and good every time. You can use one of them for work and the other for outdoor/night-out purposes.

Skinn Titan Verge has a classy and fresh fragrance making it ideal for outdoors whereas Skinn Titan Raw has a citrusy smell with notes of bergamot making it ideal for work.

Skinn VergeNotesSkinn RawNotes
Top Notes:Lavendin OilTop Notes:Bergamot
Mid Notes:MahoniaMid Notes:Violet Leaves
Base Notes:PatchouliBase Notes:Indonesian Patchouli

4. Jaguar Classic Gold Eau de Toilette

best perfume for men under 2000

Jaguar Gold is one of the best long-lasting perfumes for men under 2000 in India. Apart from the luxurious golden design of the Jaguar, it has an elegant fragrance symbolizing the attributes of style and modernity.

This perfume has top notes of bergamot, apple, lime and heart notes like jasmine, teak wood etc. If you are someone looking for an elegant and classy fragrance to go with your attire, this is it.

Year of release: 2013

  • Top Notes: Apple, Bergamot, Lime
  • Mid Notes: Orange Blossom, Teak Wood
  • Base Notes: Vanilla, Patchouli, Musk

5. Ajmal Oud Musk Eau De Parfume

Ajmal perfume under 2000

Ajmal as a brand is known for its luxurious fragrance around the world. The Oud Musk perfume of Ajmal totally justifies this fact as it has rich Leather and luxurious oriental notes that are popular in the Middle East.

This perfume embodies the vibe of a luxurious lifestyle with top notes of sparkling Grapefruit and warm nutmeg. This is one of the best perfumes for men under 2000, especially if you are looking to be more intimate with your loved one or going out on dates.

Year of release: 2011

  • Top Notes: Fruity Citrus Spicy
  • Mid Notes: Floral Leathery Woody
  • Base Notes: Woody Musky

6. Police Original Eau de Toilette

Police perfume under 2000

Police is a known luxurious brand when it comes to fragrances for men. It has a unique and distinctive style of fragrances that makes you smell different and fresh. Police Original is based on the concept of elegance that you can use on a daily basis.

Hence, the top notes of this perfume include bergamot combined with lavender and soft hearty notes like geraniums and violets. If you are searching for something elegant that you can wear on a daily basis, this one should definitely be in your grooming kit.

Year of release: 1998

  • Top Notes: Lavender, Mint, Bergamot
  • Mid Notes: Violet, Geranium
  • Base Notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Cedar

7. UCB Together

best perfume for men under 2000

UCB aka United Colors of Benetton’s Together is a unique fragrance curated for men that makes you feel refreshed. This luxurious perfume has a pure and masculine fragrance with an intense vibe to it.

The perfume has top notes of bergamot and tangerine, enhanced by juniper making it very sensual. If you are looking for a premium fragrance without burning a hole in your pocket, this one is an ideal match for you.

Year of release: 2019

  • Top Notes: Juniper, Bergamot, Black Pepper, Tangerine
  • Mid Notes: Thyme, Lavender
  • Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Amber. Cedar, Moss

8. Nautica Life Energy Eau De Toilette

Nautica perfume under 2000

Another popular perfume for men by Nautica, this one has a bit more sensual fragrance compared to the previous one. This perfume has earthy notes with a smooth and long-lasting fragrance all day long.

It has top notes like Sea Splash, Grapefruit and base notes like musk, cedarwood etc. In case you are looking for a sensuous yet daily-use perfume, this is one of the best perfumes for men under 2000.

Year of release: 2015

  • Top Notes: Bergamot, Sea Splash, Grapefruit
  • Mid Notes: Lily of the Valley, Sage, Ivy Leaves
  • Base Notes: Cedarwood, Vetiver, Musk

9. Ajmal Blu EDP

Ajmal blu perfume

Ajmal Blu is a charming and energetic fragrance with notes like mint, refreshing lemon, and tangy apple. This aquatic perfume makes you feel super confident and gives you a subtle vibe of crisp sea breeze.

The perfume is ideal to be used when going out or in the mood for a party.

Year of release: 2013

  • Top Notes: Watermelon, Lavender, Bergamot
  • Mid Notes: Lotus and Jasmine
  • Base Notes: Sandalwood, Amber, Musk

10. UCB United Dreams

UCB perfume for men

With a seductive aroma and citrusy notes, UCB aka United Colors of Benetton’s United Dreams is an amazing perfume to have in your grooming kit. This unique scent has notes of bergamot, lavender, orange, wood, tonka bean vanilla and more.

It is one of the best perfumes for men under 2000 that is ideal for evening parties and night-outs.

Year of release: 2014

  • Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Cardamom, Cinnamon
  • Mid Notes: Cypress, Lavender, Orange blossom
  • Base Notes: Wood, Tonka bean vanilla, Labdanum

11. Police Frozen

Police perfume for men

Police Frozen is an energizing and woody fragrance that makes you feel refreshed. It has a unique design of the bottle as well that signifies the modern approach of the brand.

This perfume has top notes like tangy lemon, fruity apple, and base notes like rich sandalwood, warm cedarwood etc. If you are looking for a perfume that makes you feel fresh all day long, this one is just for you.

Year of release: 2015

  • Top Notes: Tangy lemon, Sun-drenched mandarin
  • Mid Notes: Sharp Pepper, Woody Nutmeg, Aromatic Cardamom
  • Base Notes: Patchouli, Rich Sandalwood, Warm Cedar Wood, Sensual Musk

12. Ajmal Carbon EDP

best perfume for men under 2000

With top notes of fresh citrus and lavender. Ajmal Carbon is definitely a fragrance for adventurous and energetic men. It has a citrusy fragrance that will leave you in awe and make you feel confident.

It has base notes of woody, musky and patchouli. One of the best perfumes for men under 2000 in the market right now.

Year of release: 2000

  • Top Notes: Citrus, lavender
  • Mid Notes: Clove, Violet
  • Base Notes: Patchouli, Musk, Woody Notes

13. Jaguar Classic Motion

Jaguar perfume for men

Another beautiful perfume from Jaguar that will blow your mind. This one has a refreshing blend of bergamot, lemon birch leaves and mint. You’ll definitely feel more confident and charismatic while wearing this absolutely classy perfume.

Year of release: 2013

  • Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Mint, Birch Leaf
  • Mid Notes: Sea Notes, Lavender, Black Pepper, Lavender
  • Base Notes: Vetiver, Orris, Sandalwood, White Musk, Amber

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We hope you had fun exploring these best soaps for men in IndiaCheers!

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