24 Best Rum Brands In India | Top Indian Rum Brands (With Price)

best rum brands in India

The best drink you can ever have during cozy weather is a good rum mixed with coke. Indians have always been inclined towards dark spirits such as dark rum. Rum is one of the highest consumed liquor variants in the Indian market and the best part is that most of the rum brands are affordable.

Like Old Monk rum from India, countries like Bermuda and the Caribbean islands also have some great rum brands that you can explore. We have tried to curate a list of the best rum brands in India that you need to try this season.

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Here is the list of best rum brands in India with prices:

1. Old Monk

Old monk rum in India

An iconic and probably the best budget-friendly rum brand in India is Old Monk. Launched in 1954, this dark rum has become a cult in itself for Indians. Old Monk is blended for a minimum of 7 years, with a mix of vanilla, cola, spice, roasted coffee beans, and caramel flavours.

The rum is being produced in U.P.’s Ghaziabad and sold across the globe. Another interesting fact about this brand is that they have been market leaders in the budget rum brands without advertisement. Old Monk is enjoyed best with a mix of Coke and spicy appetizers.

Old Monk Rum Price: Rs. 466 for 750 ml.

2. Bacardi Black

bacardi black rum

From the makers of the world’s rum brand, Bacardi Black is a dark rum in the budget-friendly segment. The rum is aged up to 3 years in heavily charred oak barrels, lightly filtered through charcoal to retain its unique colour and aroma.

Bacardi Balck is gluten-free and has as low as 0.9 carbs per serving (1.5 oz). The brand has various variants of rum and is widely available across liquor shops in India. This rum is popularly used in making party cocktails and some food dishes as well.

Bacardi Black Rum Price: Rs. 420 for 750 ml

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3. Bacardi White

bacardi white rum

A white rum from Bacardi that has sweet and fruity on the palate. Also known as Bacardi Superior, this rum it’s widely used in making light refreshing cocktails like the Mojito and Daiquiri. It is one of the best rum in India that is available in terrific fruity flavours such as Apple, Strawberry, Lemon, Grapefruit, Orange and Raspberry. The brand was founded in 1862 and holds the largest market segment in the rum liquor space.

Bacardi White Rum Price: Rs. 1500 for 750 ml.

4. Captain Morgan

Captain morgan rum

Another classic pick in the category of the best rum brands in India is Captain Morgan. It derives its name from the 17th-century Welsh privateer of the Caribbean, Sir Henry Morgan.

Captain Morgan is made from sugarcane which is distilled to perfection and has rich flavours of brown sugar and aromatic spices. The rum is budget-friendly as well as has an incredible spiced flavour which makes it ideal for making fancy cocktails.

Captain Morgan Rum Price: Rs. 1,472 for 750 ml.

5. McDowell’s №1

mc dowells rum

One of the best-selling, as well as most consumed rum brands in India, is McDowell’s №1. Produced by United Spirits Limited (USL) in India, this rum has a sharp taste of vanilla and caramelised sugar with a hint of tea leaves and dry tobacco.

McDowell’s is a dark rum launched in 1990 and has won overtaken Bacardi as the ‘world’s best-selling rum brand’ in 2015.

McDowell’s Rum Price: Rs. 343 for 750 ml.

6. Malibu

malibu rum India

One of the best rum brands not only in India but also in the world is Malibu. This Caribbean rum has a rich coconut aftertaste which makes it different from all the best rum brands in India. If you want to know the taste, it’s like a Hawaiian vacation in your mouth.

Malibu rum has a flavour of mixed passion fruit, pineapple, mango, island melon, and banana. It is best enjoyed with a mixer such as pineapple juice and fresh fruits. The brand is owned by Pernod Ricard and is one of the best rum you’ll ever have.

Malibu Rum Price: Rs. 1650 for 750 ml.

7. Havana Club

havana club rum

Introduced in Cuba in 1934, Havana Club is a rich and elegant Cuban rum. It has a wide variety of rums namely- Havana Club Añejo 3 Años, Havana Club Añejo Reserva, Havana Club Añejo Blanco, Havana Club Añejo 7 Años, and Havana Club Añejo Especial.

This budget-friendly rum in India has also a plant in Punjab and has a subtle taste of vanilla and chocolate. Havana Club is the perfect choice for making exotic cocktails and enjoyed best with spicy finger food.

Havana Club Rum Price: Rs. 1,100 for 750 ml.

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8. Hercules

hercules rum

Popular among the defence forces of India, Hercules Deluxe rum is one of the top-rated affordable rums available in the market. The brand has a white as well as dark rum variant and the best part is that it doesn’t leave with a hangover.

Hercules’ Deluxe 3X dark rum is the most commonly consumed variant of the brand across India. It has a rich, complex flavour and goes down the throat very smoothly.

Hercules Deluxe Rum Price: Rs. 672 for 750 ml.

9. Contessa

Contessa rum

Another one of the best rum brands in India is Contessa. It is widely popular among the defence segment in the country and offers a smooth and bold taste. This rum is made out of cane juice spirit and has aged for 12 years.

Contessa is a cheap rum brand which is won several awards for its quality. It has the taste notes of vanilla and cocoa making this dark rum perfect for cocktails. Apart from India, Contessa XXX rum is sold across 60 different countries.

Contessa XXX Rum Price: Rs. 260 for 750 ml.

10. Old Port

Old port rum

One of the best rum brands in India that offers a little sweet taste is Old Port. This Indian rum is distilled, aged and bottled in Bangalore, using 100% Indian cane sugar. The best part about this rum is that it is affordable and offers a rich taste of vanilla and butterscotch.

Old Port rum has the perfect balance of sweet and spicy flavours which makes it ideal to consume with cola or using it to make exotic cocktails. The brand has different variants of the rum namely- Old Port Deluxe Rum, Old Port Matured Rum, Amrut XXX Classic Rum, and Amrut XXX.

Old Port Rum Price: Rs. 650 (Approx.) for 750 ml.

11. Clement

clement rum

This one is not a rum instead it’s a rhum which is a more natural form. A premium yet one of the most epic rhum made with the finest selection of sugarcane juice and distilled to perfection. Clement Rhum has a gentle and oaky finish which is the closest you will get to pure, natural rhum. This rhum is crafted and matured carefully and is a must-try for every rum lover once in a lifetime.

Clement Rum Price: Rs. 4,857 for 700 ml.

12. Mount Gay Rum

Mount gay rum

One of the world’s oldest commercial rum distillery, Mount Gay is sold in more than 100 countries. This is a Barbados rum produced by Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd. Mount Gay has a distinctive flavour.

It was introduced in 1703, this rum has 4 different variants namely- Mount Gay Silver, Mount Gay Eclipse, Mount Gay Black Barrel and Mount Gay XO. When you take a sip of this rum, it gives you a subtle hint of spices and has the aroma of banana as well as vanilla.

Mount Gay Rum Price: Rs. 3,000 for 700 ml.

13. Appleton Estate

Appleton Estate rum

Known for its aged signature blend Appleton Estate is an authentic Jamaican rum. The rum was introduced in 1749 and is the favourite brand for many rum enthusiasts.

It is crafted with Jamaican limestone-filtered water and has no added flavours. Appleton Estate has a super smooth taste and the palates have a hint of nutmeg and exotic spices.

Appleton Estate Rum Price: Rs. 1,800 (Approx.) for 750 ml.

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14. Angostura Rum

Angosutra rum

Another Caribbean rum brand has one of the best rum collections and is loved by Indians. Also known as House of Angostura, this rum is a blend of light, medium and dark rums that have all been ageing for at least seven years.

It is widely known for its smoothness and deep flavours of tamarind, clove, and cinnamon. They have white as well as dark rum but are most popular for their dark rum variant. Angostura’s rich and warm flavour of vanilla makes it perfect for making fresh cocktails.

Angostura Rum Price: Rs. 3,200 (Approx.) for 700 ml.

15. Goslings Rum

goslings rum india

Introduced in 1806, it is the official rum of Bermuda and one unique fact is that it has a popular cocktail named Dark “n” Stormy dedicated to it. Goslings is a bold textured black rum with a rich and well-balanced flavour of vanilla, butterscotch and caramel.

Apart from that, it also has a warm and spicy finish that lasts long in your mouth. It is Bermuda’s largest export. One of the premium yet affordable rum brands in India that you should try.

Goslings Rum Price: Rs. 1,600 (Approx.) for 750 ml.

16. El Dorado Rum

el Dorado rum India

The popular Caribbean-crafted rum is an exceptional blend of selected vintage rums and is very smooth. El Dorado is produced by Demerara Distillers in Guyana and has a unique taste.

This rum brand has won many international awards which proves that it’s worth a try for rum lovers in India.

El Dorado Rum Price: Rs. 4,500 (approx.) for 750 ml. 

17. Ron Zacapa Centenario

ron zacapa rum

Ron Zacapa Centenario is a premium and one of the best rum brands available in India. Produced in Guatemala, this rum is a blend of rums aged 6-23 years. It is made with first-press virgin sugar cane and aged using the Sistema Solera method.

They offer four different variants of the rum, namely- Zacapa 23, Zacapa XO, Zacapa Edicion Negra and Zacapa Royal. This brand has one of the most smooth rums you’ll ever taste in your life. Also, this dark rum is a perfect companion for making exotic cocktails.

Ron Zacapa Rum Price: Rs. 7,250 for 750 ml. 

18. Jolly Roger

jolly roger rum

A budget-friendly authentic dark rum brand, Jolly Roger has a rich aroma and well-balanced natural taste. The rum is made by blending matured Jamaican pot-still rum and natural spices.

Jolly Roger is manufactured by Allied Blenders & Distillers (ABD India) and is very popular in the South Indian market.

Jolly Roger Rum Price: Rs. 270 for 750 ml.

19. Cabo White Rum

98 2

Cabo White rum is a Goa-brewed rum with a delicious coconut taste that gives you beach vibes even if you can’t be a the beach. This rum is currently available in Goa in all liquor and wine shops quite easily.

If you are someone staying in Goa during cool and rainy weather, this white rum will be your perfect companion along with wide some spicy snacks. It is made with a blend of coconut extracts making it the perfect mixer for cocktails like Pina Colada or other exotic drinks.

Cabo White Rum Price: Rs. 2000 for 750ml.

20. Segredo Aldeia Rum

Segredo Aldeia Rum

Segredo Aldeia Rum is a rum produced by Fullarton Distilleries which is based out of Goa, India. Its Portuguese name means ‘Secret Village’ as this craft rum was inspired by French pirate Olivier Levasseur who seized a bounty from a secret village in Goa.

It is made with a blend of jaggery and cane making it wholesome in taste. It has two variants: Cafe rum (dark roasted with coffee beans) and White rum ( a clear spirit with a hint of vanilla).

Segredo Aldeia Cafe Rum Price: Rs. 1,650 for 750ml.
Segredo Aldeia White Rum Price: Rs. 1,500 for 750ml.

21. Makazai

makazai rums

Makazai is another homegrown premium rum brand based out of Goa. The name Makazai means ‘I want in the Konkani language and is suitable for it. It is available in two different variants: Gold and White rum.

Gold has elegant fig and honey taste notes whereas White rum has a floral and sweet taste with a hint of vanilla. It is currently available in Goa and plans to expand soon to other states.

(White Rum) Maka zai Price: Rs. 1,000 for 750ml.
(Gold Rum)
Maka zai Price: Rs. 1,300 for 750ml.

22. Sailor Jerry

sailor jerry rum

Sailor Jerry is a spicy flavoured rum with a pleasant aroma of vanilla. This is a Caribbean-style smooth rum with a rich flavour and a good amount of alcohol content.

It is owned by an American tattoo artist named Sailor Jerry (Norman Keith Collins) who is known for his sailor-themed tattoos. Mix this one with a cooler like a mojito or refreshing cocktails during a winter evening and you’ll thank us later.

Sailor Jerry Rum Price: Rs. 615 for 750ml.

23. Ron Matusalem

Ron rum India

One of the most expensive and best rum brands on this list is Ron Matusalem. It was started as a family tradition by the Camp brothers in 1872 which over the years became popular. This premium rum offers a fruity and nutty taste with an aroma of chocolate and caramel.

Apart from that, it also has rich notes of vanilla and is processed through the Solera ageing process which makes it so exquisite.

Ron Matusalem Rum Price: Rs. 7,900 for 750ml.

24. Barcelo

Barcelo rum India

Barcelo is a 1930-founded Dominican Republic rum brand with a classic taste. Currently, the brand has around 8 variants of its rum which are sold in more than 50 countries. It is the fourth largest exporter of rum worldwide.

Looking at the features of this rum, it has a strong and spicy flavour paired with an aroma of chocolate. The caramel hint of this rum hits your taste notes quite well.

Barcelo Rum Price: Rs. 2,000 for 750ml.

We hope you had fun exploring these top rum brands in India. Cheers!

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