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10 Easy-To-Make Snacks That Pair Best With Whiskey

We have already made your whisky selection easier with the best whisky brands under ₹1000 in India. Now, let’s talk about something which makes drinking whisky a more pleasurable experience. Yes, we are talking about snacks that are compatible with a glass of smooth whiskey and makes it a wholesome experience. Here we have curated a list of the best snacks that you can enjoy with your whiskey pegs.

Here is a list of quick and best snacks that you can have alongside whiskey:

1. Chana Chaat


Ingredients: Chickpeas, water, basic Indian spices, lemon juice, chopped onion and tomato.

Chana chaat has been the favourite for many whiskey drinkers across the country. It provides a spicy and wholesome flavour to the tastebuds plus a great benefit is that it is healthy. It is a popular choice for bachelors as it is very quick to make and anyone can make it. You need to boil chickpeas firstly, after that you mix them with freshly chopped onion and tomatoes. The last step would be mixing spices and lemon juice on top of them.

2. Grilled Cottage Cheese


Ingredients: Cottage cheese, black pepper or chat masala.

One of the simplest and best chakna for whiskey is grilled cottage cheese. You just need fresh cottage cheese aka paneer and grill it in a grill pan. After grilling it properly, add black pepper or chaat masala on top of it. It’ll blow your mind knowing how tasty and healthy it is.

3. Masala Papad


Ingredients: Papad, lemon juice, coriander leaves, basic spices, chopped onion and tomato.

Another legendary chakna that compliments your whiskey party with friends. Masala papad can be easily made from vegetables and spices available at your home kitchen. You firstly need to roast papad on a tawa and make a tasty mixture of veggies. To make the mix, add chopped onion, tomatoes as well as coriander leaves with a hint of lemon juice. Add it on the papad as a topping and it’s ready.

4. Nachos Chaat


Ingredients: Nachos packet, mozzarella cheese, mayonnaise, basic spices, chopped onion, cucumber and tomato.

A popular snack that we order at a bar but can be easily made at home as well. Nachos chaat is a crunchy snack that increases your drinking experience. To make it at home, first make a mix of mayonnaise, spices, chopped veggies and coriander. Now place nachos on a plate and aff the prepared topping on it. Garnish it with mozzarella cheese and microwave for a minute. Tada! It’s ready.

5. Soya Chaap Tikka


Ingredients: Soya chaap, curd, cream, butter, coriander, onion, lemon juice and basic spices.

The go-to snack with whisky for most North Indians especially Delhites is Soya Chaap Tikka. This one requires a little time for preparation but totally worth it when served hot. You need some ready made soya sticks, and have to deep fry them. Alongside you can prepare marination batter that is a mixture of oil, curd, masalas and cream. Marinate the fried soya for around 30 mins and put them on a tandoori seekh if available or a silai and roast it on tawa stove.

6. Dry Fruits


Ingredients: Pistachio, cashew, almonds and walnut.

A super quick snack to have with whiskey is a mix of dry fruits. Put almonds, cashew, walnut and pealed pistachios in a bowl. Mix them well and add chat masala over them. Tada! It’s ready.

7. Bhelpuri


Ingredients: Puffed rice, sev, lemon juice, chaat masala, basic spices, coriander leaves, chopped green chilli, tomato and onion.

Step one, mix all the ingredients in a bowl (spices according to taste). Step two, enjoy it with your drink it’s as simple as that. It gives you a spicy and tangy taste that makes it super delicious with a glass of cold whiskey.

8. Roased Foxnuts


Ingredients: Makhanas aka Foxnuts, clarified butter, black salt, red chili powder, salt.

Foxnuts are becoming very popular munchies to have with your whisky as they are tasty as well as healthy. Apart from that, they can be made very easily and quickly. To make them, add clarified butter in a pan then add foxnuts. After they start looking a little roasted add all the spices and mix them well. If you want, you can add more butter after 3-4 minutes. Lastly, it’s ready to be served.

9. Crispy Corn


Ingredients: Sweet corn, cornflour, lemon juice, oil, basic spices, chaat masala, and green potion of spring onion.

This one is a very tasty and amazing snack to have with your pegs. To prepare this, firstly you’ll need to boil the corn and add cornflour after it’s done. Mix them well and deep fry the coated corn properly. After frying, mix all the masalas and spring onion part. Tada! It’s ready to serve.

10. Chicken Cheese Balls


Ingredients: Boneless chicken, mozzarella cheese, garlic cloves, basic spices, 2 eggs, breadcrumbs, cornflour.

Cheese balls is like the go-to snack for many whiskey drinkers, especially those who drink in a typical bar. The snack takes a little time but every minute of wait is worth it when you taste it. To make this snack dish, firstly you need to mix chicken, garlic, green chillies, salt, pepper powder and saute them to perfection. Once it gets a little cool, you need to grind them all. After that, take the grinded mix and place small cheese cubes while making them in a ball shape. In a bowl, beat eggs, dip the cheese balls in it, coat it with flour, roll it in breadcrumbs and fry it till golden brown.

We hope you had fun exploring these tasty snacks to pair with whiskey. Cheers!

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