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15 Best Tequila Brands in India That Are Worth A Shot (2022)

Tequila is known as the life of the party as it is enjoyed pretty much at every party especially in the nightclubs. What makes tequila so unique is that it is made from the blue agave plant and is produced in certain permitted areas only. Tequila originally came from Mexico which is also known as the city of Tequila. If you hear “let’s do tequila shots, guys!” at a party you know that the part is gonna be LEGEND…wait for it…DARRY, LEGENDARY! We have curated a list of the best tequila brands in India just for you.

Types of Tequila


Blanco Tequila or Silver tequila is a clear white spirit, that’s bottled and packaged immediately after distillation. They are aged for less than two months and are the closest to the natural flavour of the agave plant.


Joven or Gold is a kind of tequila that is gold in colour as it includes additives like caramel, syrups etc. It is a blend of Blanco tequila with other aged tequilas making it unique.


Reposado or Aged is a combination of the vibrant taste of Blanco and the complexity of Añejo tequilas. The ageing process of this tequila can take anywhere about 2 to 11 months time.


Anejo or Extra aged is a tequila that is aged for a minimum of one to three years and has a smokey flavour. This kind of tequila has a little spicy and warm notes with a hint of rich vanilla and agave.

Now that you are aware of the kinds of tequila in the market. Here is a list of the tequila brands in India that are worth a shot:

1. Patrón

patron tequila

Patrón is a popular tequila brand originating from Mexico and made with the finest blue agave plant. The unique thing about this brand is that they handcraft their barrels, corks, and bottles at their distilleries. Each bottle has a 40% ABV with well-crafted flavours of caramel, honey and spice. This tequila brand is one of the hottest and best ones available right now in the Indian market.

Patrón Tequila Price In India:
Patrón Burdeos Tequila – Rs. 42,000 (750 ml)
Patrón XO Cafe – Rs. 7,428 (750 ml)

2. Blue Head

blue head tequila

Blue Head Blanco is a fruity yet crisp tasting tequila that has is distilled twice. This tequila is made from a blue agave plant in Mexico and is a perfect choice for someone who trying tequila for the first time. It has a pungent and complex aroma with 40% ABV in each bottle. This brand of tequila has been very popular among Indians as it is affordable yet intense in flavour.

Blue Head Tequila Price in India:
Blue Head Blanco Tequila – Rs. 3,021 (750ml)

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3. El Capo

el capo tequila brand in India

El Capo Extra-Aged Anejo is one of the most luxurious tequila brands available in India as it is made from 100% blue agave harvested from the Highlands of Los Altos region of Jalisco. It has a blended taste of coffee, dried fruit, chocolates, and walnuts. This tequila has a dark colour with 40% ABV in each bottle. It is aged in an oak barrel for almost 5 years making its aroma rich in vanilla and caramel.

El Capo Tequila Price In India:
El Capo Extra-Aged Anejo Tequila – Rs. 10,000 (750ml)

4. Jose Cuervo

jose cuervo best tequila in India

Jose Cuervo is one of the best-selling tequila brands in the world and is active since 1795. It is said to be one of the first brands that introduced tequila as a form of liquor to the world. This tequila is light in colour and has a sweet palate with hints of vanilla and oak. One of the best refined yet balanced blends of reposado and younger tequilas. It has an ABV of 40% with 2 different variants available in the market.

Jose Cuervo Tequila Price In India:
Jose Cuervo Especial Reposado – Rs. 4,438 (750ml)
Jose Cuervo Especial Silver – Rs. 3,578 (750ml)

5. Piedra Azul Reposado

piedra tequila

Piedra Azul Reposado is an affordable yet quality tequila brand available in the Indian liquor market. It has notes of vanilla alongside crisp citrus making it a well-balanced tequila. This bottle of tequila has a sweet aftertaste with a fresh and earthy aroma. It has 40% of ABV in each bottle which makes it a great shot partner for you and your buddies.

Piedra Azul Reposado Tequila Price In India:
Piedra Azul Reposado Tequila – Rs. 1,200 (750ml)

6. X X X Siglo

xxx siglo tequila

X X X Siglo Treinta is an authentic and well-balanced tequila made from the traditional process. It has a crisp and bold flavour with a hint of caramel making it worth a shot. This tequila is a blend of 51% agave spirit and 49% sugar cane distillate making it a fine blend. It has 40% of ABV in each bottle and makes a perfect companion for party nights.

X X X Siglo Treinta Price In India:
X X X Siglo Treinta Tequila – Rs. 2,400 (750ml)

7. Asomboroso Silver

Asomboroso Silver

Asombroso silver is a sophisticated and yet reasonably priced tequila brand you can enjoy in India. It has a smooth taste and doesn’t require salt, lime or anything else for the aftertaste. This tequila is made from 100% handpicked matured blue agave plant making it one of the finest. What made this brand quite noticeable among Indians is the blend of green olive, olive brine, milk chocolate etc. along with an ABV of 40% in each bottle.

Asombroso Silver Price In India:
Asom Broso Silver Tequila – Rs. 4,000 (750ml)

8. Sierra

sierra liquor

Sierra is one of the most consumed silver tequila brands across the globe and is known for its premium quality. This tequila has an authentic Mexican taste with gentle notes of caramel, chilli and vanilla. It has a crisp fruity palate with an ABV of 38% in each bottle. Overall, this tequila is a perfect partner for your late-night parties and celebrations.

Sierra Price In India:
Sierra Tequila Reposado – Rs. 4,207 (700ml)
Sierra Tequila Silver – Rs. 3,805 (700ml)

9. Sauza


Sauza is another popular tequila brand that was founded in 1873 and has been appreciated since then. It is a 100% pure agave tequila that has a sweet and natural agave flavour. Each variant of this tequila is double distilled in copper pots making it sophisticated and finely crafted. It has a subtle taste of grapefruit along with aromas of lime and jasmine making it a superior quality tequila. Each bottle of this tequila has 40% ABV.

Sauza Tequila Price In India:
Sauza Tequila Silver – Rs. 4,050 (700ml)
Sauza Tequila Gold – Rs. 3,800 (700ml)

10. Pepe Lopez

Pepe lopez

Pepe Lopez is another authentic Mexican style tequila brand that produces an affordable and high-quality spirit. It is prepared through a double distillation process that makes it distinct agave and spicy citrus flavour which is just perfect for a glass of margarita. This international award-winning tequila is the perfect blend of natural spring water and the finest, mature blue agave plants. Each bottle of this tequila has an ABV of 40%.

Pepe Lopez Tequila Price In India:
Pepe Lopez Premium Silver – Rs. 3,600 (750ml)

11. Don Angel

Don angel

One of the best tequila brands in India is Don Angel which is a Blanco tequila with remarkable quality and taste. It is made from 100% pure agave with crisp yet smooth flavours. This classic tequila is perfect for making lemon-based cocktails and works wonders with a pinch of salt and a slice of lemon as well. It has an ABV of 38% making it a great choice for rocking night outs and celebrations.

Don Angel Tequila Price In India:
Don Angel Oro – Rs. 3,083 (700ml)
Blanco Don Angel – Rs. 2,724 (700ml)

12. Don Julio

Don julio

Don Julio is one of the most valued tequila brands in terms of market cap and amongst the top 10 by volume. It is made from matured and ripened blue agave plants that are found in the clay soils in Los Altos, Mexico. This Añejo tequila is matured in reclaimed American oak whiskey casks for 18 months. It has a sweet flavour and citrusy notes with an ABV of 40%.

Don Julio Tequila Price In India:
Don Julio Blanco Tequila – Rs. 2,972 (750ml)

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13. La Chica

La Chica

La Chica is one of the budget-friendly yet fine quality tequila brands available in India. It is a Blanco tequila with a classy and clear texture along with a delightful taste. This tequila is perfect for making quality margaritas and cocktails as it has a warm and earthy finish. It is a young and unbarrelled tequila with an ABV of 38% in each bottle.

La Chica Tequila Price In India:
Blanco La Chica – Rs. 2,407 (700ml)

14. DesmondJi


One of the only Indian tequila brands, DesmondJi is a homegrown premium craft spirit. Since it’s not produced in Mexico technically making it not tequila but a similar spirit made in the country. It comes really close to the original authentic tequila made from matured agave plants. This spirit is produced by the country’s first micro-distillery located in Kandukuru, Andhra Pradesh. It has 37.14% ABV in each bottle.

DesmondJi Tequila Price In India:
DesmondJi 100% Agave – Rs. 1,980 (750 ml)
DesmondJi Blue Curacao – Rs. 1,552 (750 ml)
DesmondJi Margarita – Rs. 1,474 (750 ml)

15. Riazul

Riazul tequila

Riazul Premium Anejo is a reasonably priced 100% matured agave plant-based tequila. This tequila is aged in French oak barrels for two years and distilled twice to give you a fine blend. It contains ingredients like toffee, honey & espresso making it a silky and smooth tasting tequila. Each bottle of this tequila has an ABV of 40%, making it a perfect drink for birthday bashes, weddings and other parties.

Riazul Premium Anejo Tequila Price In India:
Riazul Premium Anejo Tequila – Rs. 4,000

We hope you had fun exploring these best tequila brands in India. Cheers!

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