8 Best Versace Colognes For Men To Wear

best versace cologne

Versace possesses an extensive knowledge of crafting unforgettable men’s fragrances. Since their inaugural perfume’s debut in 1981, it has become a staple scent for men of different fashion tastes. This luxurious Italian fashion empire offers a plethora of the finest Versace colognes for men. You can discover an aromatic scent to suit your preferences and vibe.

Are you for an ideal signature scent from Versace that resonates with you? The vast array of colognes available could easily overwhelm you. Hence, we have curated a list of the best Versace colognes for men that they can add to their shopping list.

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Here’s a list of the best Versace cologne for men to wear and make an impression:

1. The Dreamer by Versace for Men

Versace dream cologne for men

Released in the mid-1990s, Dreamer by Versace has an overbearing scent, but one that is distinctive and attractive. It’s sweet with just enough spiciness to entice the women and make them wonder what you’re wearing. When it comes to the notes, it includes linen, amber, and tobacco to name a few.

Dreamer was designed keeping in mind the carefree spirit of Southern California. Hence, it’s the ideal daywear Versace cologne for modern men. It begins with a clean and smooth green tobacco note which adds that Hollywood glamour aroma to it. Apart from that, it’s combined with lavender for adding a flowery vibe to it. A great scent for everyday use at the workplace.

– Subtle and sexy– Too floral for some men
– Affordable– Not ideal for a party wear

2. Versace Eros Flame for Men

Best Versace Colognes

Another Versace Eros burn this one is a little bit different. Eros Flame has a strong and bold scent with orange and lemon top notes, which gives it a juicy aroma. One of the best parts about this cologne is that it’ll last at least ten hours on your skin. This version of Eros is hotter, spicier, and drier when compared to the original version.

Eros Flame is better suited for people with a badass personality. This unique cologne can be described as romantic, passionate, and intense. Make sure you don’t overspray it as this intense scent might not sit well with people who have a sensitive nose.

– Long lasting– Too intense for a sensitive nose
– Warmer and spicy aroma– Not ideal for a hot summer afternoon

3. Versace Eros For Men

Best Versace Cologne

When it comes to Versace cologne, Eros has to be one of its iconic fragrances that is ideal for the modern man. This scent is named after the Greek deity of love as it’s a perfect cologne to wear for a date night or an evening outdoors. You’ll notice that this cologne has a combination of mint, green apple, and lemon that gives it a citrusy tone. However, that gradually fades but you’ll still have apple and mint notes.

This Versace cologne will for at least 6-8 hours and will get you a lot of attention. As soon as you spray it on your skin, you’ll notice the fresh minty and vanilla scent. One of the best Versace colognes for men who want to make their presence felt when they enter a room.

– Great for clubbing nights– Not perfect during summers
– Bold and strong– Not ideal for people who like subtle scents

4. Versace Pour Homme For Men

Versace pour homme cologne

Versace Pour Homme is an attractive fragrance for sophisticated men. Blue hyacinth and clary sage top notes provide that masculine touch. This Versace cologne has a seductive aroma of musk and amber making it an ideal choice to wear on a date night.

Apart from that, this cologne opens up with bergamot and bitter orange notes giving that fresh out-of-the-shower vibe. It’s a little intense but not too much, making it a good cologne to wear daily during summer as well.

– Great for daily wear– Can be a little intense at first
– Gives Freshness during hot summer– Not much longer lasting

5. Eau Fraiche By Versace Man

best Versace cologne

Eau Fraiche is undoubtedly one of the best Versace colognes for men to wear during the spring or summer season. It’s a citrus-forward version of the original Versace Man. As soon as your spray it, you’ll feel the crisp, cool, and pleasant lemony scent. It has an ice aspect to it as you can guess from its bottling. However, that fades away after a while during a sunny day.

This Versace cologne contains low alcohol content yet a lot of water. Hence, it becomes ideal for people with sensitive skin and noses. Apart from that, the base of sage, cedar, tarragon, and pepper provides it with a wholesome scent. Simply keep your bottle on hand to spritz and top up as required.

– Great to wear on a hot sunny day– Not long-lasting enough
– Clean and crisp aroma– More of a casual wear

6. Eros by Versace 3 Piece Gift

Eros by Versace gift pack

You might have been in a situation where you are picking the right scent and you come across an upgraded gift package. Many of us choose not to buy it but you might wanna reconsider. In most scenarios, these gift sets provide excellent value to a consumer and enable them to get the best out of it.

Versace’s Eros 3-piece gift collection is a prime example of this. It comes with a 3.4oz bottle of Eros EDT, a 0.3oz Eros EDT travel spray, and a 5oz Eros shower gel. If you wanna smell good and stay fresh all day long, make sure you get your hands on this gift Versace gift set.

– Comes with a travel pack– A little expensive
– Feel fresh all-day– Harder to find

7. Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir

Versace cologne for men

One of the best Versace colognes for men, Oud Noir is a scent that comes in strong with the essence of oud and wood. It settles in your skin and gives you a long-lasting spicy and warm aroma. It gets the Middle Eastern and Arabic vibe due to the oud that’s becoming a popular part of luxurious scents across the globe.

This Versace fragrance has bitter orange, neroli, and cardamom notes giving it that hot and sensual aroma. A perfect cologne for men who love making bold statements and want to stand out from the rest.

– A scent that lasts longer– Too heavy for a sensitive nose
– Great wear on a cold winter evening– Not suitable for younger guys

8. Versace Pour Homme Sealed Dylan Blue

Versace Dylan blue

Dylan Blue has to be one of the best Versace Colognes that you can add to your collection. The scent of this one is a combination of citrusy and aquatic elements. Hence, you can feel similarities between this and colognes from Nautica as well. You’ll feel the grapefruit and bergamot blend on top of a watery base.

You can wear it on both summer nights and winter days. It’s not a show-stopper, but it’s a nice everyday perfume for a modern gentleman.

– Fresh and aromatic– Similar aquatic vibe to Nautic or Dior Sauvage
– Great to wear during summer


1. Which is the best Versace cologne?

It depends on your taste, however, we can narrow them down depending on smell and characteristics. If you are someone who likes that raw and woody scent, go for the Versace Eros Flame. On the other hand, if you are a person with sophisticated and subtle taste, choose Versace Eros.

2. How long does the best Versace cologne for men last?

You can expect an average of 6-8 hours of lasting impressions from usual Versace colognes for men. However, scents like Eros Flame and Oud Noir which are on the more intense side can last a little longer comparatively.

We hope you had fun exploring these best Versace colognes for men. Cheers!

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