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15 Desi Daru Brands That Will Make You Forget Videshi Liquor

If you are a true lover of adventurous places and their specialty, then this list is definitely for you. Does it ever happen to you that, you love the local food that is served at different locations but end up ordering the same Tuborg or Kingfisher as your booze? Well, we have some great alternatives just for you. Here is a list of the best desi daru brands that you can find at different local places in India.

If you’re an alcohol lover and love to travel every now and then, these options are a must-try for you. These desi daru brands are generally not available in tier-1 cities, so it is a great chance for you to travel and experience these underdog local alcoholic drinks. We definitely advise you to drink responsibly.

Here are top 15 desi daru brands in India that will awe you:

1. Lugdi – Manali

You’d probably remember this alcoholic drink from ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani ‘. Try this local drink made from fermented rice or barley on your next visit to Manali. It is a crude beer very popular, especially in the Himalayan region. You will definitely want to add this to your bucket list when in Manali.

2. Chhang – Ladakh

Apart from the beautiful landscapes of Ladakh, it also offers an interesting local liquor as well. Chhang is said to help you fight the biting cold or to simply relax. It is made of Barley, millet, or rice grains.

3. Handia – Jharkhand

A local beer produced by the tribal women of some states including UP and Jharkhand. It is been gifted to a friend’s or relative’s house as well. The liquor is made up of boiled rice and is mixed with herbal tablets which is then left to ferment for almost a week. It is also offered to Tribal Gods in areas like Orissa, Jharkhand, and Bihar.

4. Feni – Goa

History reveals that the Portuguese brought the cashew nut trees to Goa, but the localities of Goa found a way of converting its fruit into a spirit. That spirit is now popularly known as the Feni. This local alcohol is popular among the local tribals, as well as the tourists who visit Goa to have a good time. It is been recognized by the local government as ‘country liquor’ as well.

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5. Kiad – Meghalaya

Another rice-based drink, which tastes sweet. It is said to have medicinal properties and is considered to have magical outcomes. It has a 70 percent alcohol content and is banned by the government and is thus sold illegally.

6. Kesar Kasturi – Rajasthan

From the land of royals, this is liquor is made of saffron and 22 other spices. It was served to the royal kings back in the monarchy period. It is now being offered commercially and has great packaging to it as well. Definitely, a must-try for liquor lovers.

7. Zawlaidi – Mizoram

A grape-based wine loved in states like Mizoram and Tripura. ‘Zawlaidi’ means love potion in the Mizo language. It made with high quality grapes from the mountains in local area. The price of Zawlaidi grape wine starts from Rs 200 per bottle approx.

8. Kinnauri Ghanti/Chulli – Kinnaur

Made with filtrated grapes, apricot, pear, and wild peaches this drink is not like any other desi daru brands. What makes it special is that it has healing properties. It is vastly consumed and produced by tribals of Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh.

9. Mahua – Maharashtra

One of the most popular desi brands on this list is Mahua. Mahua is actually a flower from which this desi liquor with the same name, is made. You can definitely have one while traveling through Maharashtra. It is usually consumed more in the summer season.

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10. Bangla – West Bengal

Bangla is a unique craft and is a recognized county liquor. To buy this publicly, there are certain government-licensed counters. It has a very high alcohol content and said to be dangerous if consumed more than recommended.

11. Zutho – Nagaland

Zutho is yet another rice-based locally crafter desi daru brand. It is widely consumed by tribals of Nagaland. It is also known as Angami rice beer. This drink is very well cherished among Nagaland tribes, it is produced with the help of sprouted rice grains. It is also said by the local Naga tribes that they add a secret ingredient to this drink to make it sweet and sour in taste.

12. Chuwarak – Tripura

Made with a variety of raw materials like rice, pineapple, or even jackfruit this local whisky can get you tipsy in just one or two pegs. Therefore, you must drink it wisely.

13. Gudumba – Hyderabad

A local liquor from Hyderabad, this drink is high in alcohol content. Black jaggery is one of the key ingredients of this desi craft. They are sold illegally. In the past, the consumption of this desi daru has caused people their life as well.

14. Arak – Ladakh

This alcoholic drink is very difficult to find, though not impossible. It has a high alcohol content and can be distilled from chhang. It is enjoyed by localites during auspicious occasions like religious festivals, birthdays and weddings as well.

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15. Sekmai Yu – Manipur

Another traditional alcoholic beverage made with rice. This rice wine is made by the tribals of Manipur. There are three different versions of this drink namely ‘Pukyu’, ‘Waiyu’ and “Leiyu’. This North-Eastern wine is being sold illegally in spite of the ban by the government.

We hope now you have the knowledge of the best desi daru brands in India. These brands are generally available in certain local areas and shops. You can enjoy these drinks by traveling through local markets and tourist attractions. In some states of India, these local liquors are strictly prohibited. Boomelo advises you to drink responsibly.

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