15 Yum & Easy Midnight Snack Ideas For Every Night Owl

midnight snack ideas

Well, we all have midnight cravings when we are up till late at night. For those craving to go away we need something quick and easy to make when deliveries are not available. So, for all those who love to stay up, late at night. Here we a list of the best midnight snack ideas that you will definitely love.

These easy midnight snack ideas are yummy as well as easy to prepare. Some of these dishes can be prepared from the leftovers from your dinner or lunch. Usually, we throw out the leftovers but they are very useful in case of preparing some midnight snacks. Choose from below the suitable midnight snack idea for your craving.

Top 15 yum & easy midnight snack ideas for midnight cravings:

1. Bread Pizza

For this, you’ll just need bread, ketchup, chopped onion and capsicum and a couple of cheese slices. You can cook this on a Tawa. You will definitely want to use those extra pizza seasoning sachets on this for better taste. Here’s the proper recipe.

2. Chocolate Sandwich

For this delicious recipe, all you need is some bread and oodles of chocolate chips. This can be made on Tawa as well. Just make sure that Tawa is on a very low flame so that the chocolate melts perfectly. Here’s the proper recipe.

3. Kathi Roll

This is a very quick-to-make snack for anyone.  You just need some leftover chapatis and some leftover paneer sabzi (other sabzi also works). If leftovers aren’t there, fry paneer, onions and tomato and make a spicy mix. Make a roll with the mix or paneer sabzi inside it (heat the chapati before). Here’s the proper recipe

4. Spicy bhelpuri

You would require a packet of your favourite bhujia, chopped onions and tomatoes, chat masala and lemon juice. You can also put roasted peanuts if you want. Mix them all up and yummy bhelpuri is ready! Here’s the proper recipe.

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5. Cheesy Lemon Rice

If you are craving for some tasty and easy to make rice dish, this one is the best. You’ll need ingredients like Lemon, White rice, Salt, Pepper, Channa Dal, Mustard Seeds and Butter for this. Here’s the proper recipe.

6. Masala Maggi

The most cooked midnight snack in India we guess, especially for bachelors and college students. It definitely doesn’t make in 2 minutes but it does require ingredients like Maggie, Water, Tomato, Onion, Salt, and Chilly powder. Here’s the recipe.

7. Masala Omelette

An easy-to-make snack that is not only healthy but tasty as well. All you need for this midnight snack is Eggs, Chat Masala, Chicken Masala, Salt, Oil and Instant mint chutney. Here’s the recipe.

8. Yoghurt Smoothie

This is a super quick and easy midnight snack. Also, it is very filling too. You just need some fruits like banana and strawberries alongside milk. In case those aren’t available at that moment, you can use some vanilla essence and honey. Here’s the recipe.

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9. Crispy Fried Potatoes

They are not as popular as french fries, but they are definitely a tasty and easy midnight snack. To prepare these, you don’t need many ingredients, just Potatoes, Lemon, Salt, Pepper, Chat masala and Garam masala. Here’s the full recipe.

10. Bread Fry

An easy and quick solution to your search for midnight snack ideas. To prepare this you need some cheese on the bread alongside some ketchup and salt as per taste. Heat these up on Tawa or oven and it’s ready.

11. Roti Quesadilla

You can make a Roti Quesadilla any time within a few minutes. All you need is some sliced veggies like onions and capsicum. First, you need to sprinkle shredded cheese on a roti. After that, add the sliced onion and capsicum to the roti. Lastly, apply some spicy pizza or pasta spread on it before covering it with another layer of cheese. Place another roti on the top grill it on a hot Tawa. You can also use a microwave instead of Tawa if suitable.

12. Peanut Chaat

A very popular snack among Indians, Peanut Chaat is a quick snack for your midnight hunger. Firstly, you need some peanuts (according to your appetite) and chopped onion and tomato. After preparing the ingredients, you need a bowl to mix peanuts with the chopped veggies. After mixing, add some lime juice and chaat masala. Your Peanut Chaat is ready!

13. Egg Bhurji Pav

Scrambled eggs or popularly known as Egg Bhurji in India, is a perfect match with a delicious Pav. Popularly consumed in Mumbai, this street food delicacy can be easily made at home to fulfill your midnight cravings. To prepare this, you need some pav, eggs, chopped onion, chillis, and spices. Here’s the full recipe for this amazing midnight snack idea.

14. Aloo Chaat

One of the easiest and popular snacks among Indian households is Aloo Chaat. To prepare this, you need boiled potato mainly. Rest, for side chutney, you might need more ingredients like curd and mint leaves. Here’s the recipe for how to prepare aloo chaat to cure your midnight hunger.

15. Hot Chocolate

If you are craving something sweet at midnight, Hot Chocolate is your easy and yummy choice. Preparing Hot Chocolate is very simple, you need cocoa powder, vanilla essence, milk and raw sugar. Here’s the proper recipe for preparing a delicious cup of hot chocolate.

We hope you enjoyed all these midnight snack ideas. Cheers!

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