Your Guide To Heineken Beer Calories & Nutrition Facts

heineken beer calories

Heineken is undoubtedly one of the most consumed and loved beers around the globe. A pale lager beer with an ABV of 5%, Heineken is made with three key ingredients: Barley, Hops, and water. You can find these beers in the form of cans as well as bottles (12 oz). You would have come across some people who exclusively drink this beer as they love the taste of it. Heineken is made by a Dutch brewing company that was founded in 1873.

This beer brand has been a huge supporter of football sporting events such as the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Super Cup. They have sponsored more such football events that made the brand quite popular among football fans. If you are consuming this beer but are conscious about Heineken beer calories, here’s a simple guide for you:

What makes a Heineken beer?

Heineken beer is made of 3 major ingredients: barley, hops, and water. However, when a special A-yeast is added to it, the brew comes to life. It comes in cool green colored packaging with a red star. Heineken is sold in 192 countries and remains on of the best-selling beers of all time.

Why be conscious about your beer?


If you are someone who is health conscious and keeps his daily nutrition in check, you surely want to know the calories of the beer you consume. Beer is known around the world for its effects such as beer belly and increasing fat in the body. However, if you choose the beers with the low or right amount of carbs and fats, you can enjoy your beer without worrying much about getting fat. Heineken can be the right beer for you as it contains the right amount of calories but drinking excessively surely can make you gain more weight and body fat.

Heineken beer calories and nutrition facts

One bottle of Heineken beer (12 oz) has a total of 142 calories. The beer has zero fats, however, it has a certain amount of proteins and fats. Here’s a detailed breakdown of Heineken beer calories and nutritional facts as per the official website of the brand:


Should you consume Heineken beer?

Heineken Beer Calories

When you are following a diet plan, make sure you discuss the consumption of alcohol with your personal coach or nutritionist. However, the usual Heineken beer might be a little too heavy for you but you can try the Heineken Light beer which has a total of 90 calories. 

But if you are not following any strict diet and want to just have a drink with your friends and chill, this beer might be it. Enjoy your beer with some tasty sides and you are sure to have a good drinking experience.

Low calories beers to try

Not only, Heineken but there are also many low calories beer options available in the market. Beers with fewer calories have become quite prevalent among health-conscious people as they want to keep their calories to a minimum. But they surely give you a change in taste as well as in the ABV. For example, a normal Heineken has an ABV of 5% but contains 142 calories whereas Heineke Light has an ABV of 3.3% but contains 90 calories.

If you are looking for some similar options, here is a list of some of the best low calorie beers that you can try:

  • Heineken Light (90 calories)
  • Bud Light NXT (80 calories)
  • Flight by Yuengling (95 calories)
  • Miller Lite (96 calories)
  • Corona Premier (90 calories)

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We hope you had fun learning about Heineken beer calories and nutriorion facts. However, we urge you to drink responsibly.

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