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6 James Scully Movies And TV Shows To Watch

James Scully is an American actor who is very well-known for his role as Forty Quinn in the Netflix series ‘You’. Scully started his acting career in the drama web series, Sublets (2016). He was born in San Antonio, Texas, and is one of the great new acting talents when it comes to TV shows & movies. If you are looking to explore more of his work, then you’ve landed at the right place. We have curated a list of the best James Scully movies and TV shows.

Here’s a list of the top James Scully movies and TV shows that you can add to your watchlist:

1. You

james scully movies and tv series
IMDb Rating:7.7
Directed By:Greg Berlanti, Sera Gamble

One of the best psychological thriller TV series, ‘You’ is based on books by Caroline Kepnes. The story of this TV series revolves around Joe Goldberg, a serial killer and a bookstore manager who has an extreme obsession with the woman she falls in love with. The series premiered in September 2018 and has been running successfully since then. James Scully plays the character of Forty Quinn in the second season of the show. He is the brother of Joe’s love interest and also owns a store where all three of them work. This is undoubtedly one of the best James Scully movies And TV shows that you’ll watch.

2. Modern Love (Season 2)

james scully movies and tv series
IMDb Rating:5.7
Directed By:Andrew Rannells

Based on the weekly column of the New York Times, Modern Love season 2 is an anthology romance series. Each episode of this series gives you a taste of different love stories and represents challenges like betrayal, trust, old relationships and much more. A lovely bunch of stories that make you believe in love as a concept. James Scully plays the character of Ford in the 7th episode of this season.

3. Straight Up

james scully movies and tv series
IMDb Rating:6.8
Directed By:James Sweeney

Straight Up is a gay romantic movie starring James Scully, James Sweeney, Katie Findlay and Betsy Brandt. The movie showcases the story of a gay man named Todd who fears being lonely and ends up getting into a relationship with Rory, a straight woman. Rory has her own insecurities but both of them are more of an intellectual couple leaving the physical intimation out of the picture. James Scully plays the character of Ryder who is sexually involved with Todd.

4. The Last Thing He Wanted

The last thing he wanted
IMDb Rating:4.3
Directed By:Dee Rees

‘The Last Thing He Wanted’ is a political thriller movie that revolves around the story of a veteran journalist who’s trying to help her father with an arms deal. However, she gets involved in a government conspiracy that she’s trying to uncover being a journalist. James Scully plays the role of a journalist as well. Apart from that, the cast of the movie includes Anne Hathaway, Ben Affleck and Willem Dafoe.

5. Fire Island

Fire island
IMDb Rating:6.7
Directed By:Andrew Ahn

One of the most recent movies starring James Scully, Fire Island is a rom-com movie that revolves around the story of a queer friend group who get together in Fire Island Pines. They organize an annual week of love and laughter with their friends and some events threaten this to be their last one. Apart from Scully, the cast also includes Joel Kim Booster, Bowen Yang and Conrad Ricamora.

6. Heathers

James Scully movies and TV shows 1
IMDb Rating:5.6
Created By:Jason Micallef

Heathers is a dark comedy TV series that revolves around the story of Veronica Sawyer, as she braves the politics of high school and faces challenges, On the other hand, she also tries to connect with her “friends,” the cruel yet popular Heathers. Scully plays the character of Jason, a high school student and love interest of Veronica. The cast of this TV series also includes actors like Grace Victoria Cox, Melanie Field and Brendan Scannell. One of the best James Scully movies and TV shows to stream right now,

We hope you had fun exploring these James Scully movies and TV shows. Happy binging!

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