21 Krishna Radha Love Quotes That Make You Believe In Unconditional Love

21 Krishna Radha Love Quotes That Make You Believe In Unconditional Love

Whenever we talk about love, one name always pops in your head i.e. Radha Krishna (we never say Radha without Krishna). Their love is so pure and eternal that Radha Krishna has become a single name. The tales of true love and dedication are still alive in our hearts even after ages. But what can we really learn from this lovely unconditional bond which Radha-Krishna shared? In this article, we would understand what true love stands for in Radha-Krishna way by looking at some of the best Krishna Radha true love quotes.

Here is a list of the best unconditional Krishna Radha true love quotes:

1. “Prem ki shakti dand ki shakti se hazaar guna prabhavshali aur sthayi hai.”

krishna radha love quotes

To explain to you in simple English, this quote states that the power of love is way stronger than the fear of punishment. You often see people using fear as a factor not in relationships but everywhere to push people but it destroys them internally. A great quote by Lord Krishna that is still relevant.

2. “Prem jo upeksha jhel le veh krodh aur pratikaar jaise bhavon se mukt ho jata hai.”

krishna radha love quotes

As you might have heard “Patience is a virtue”, the same thing here is pointed out in this Krishna Radha love quote that you need to be patient about things when you love someone. Being angry or frustrated towards your partner or yourself often leads to mental illness.

3. “Sacche prem ki koi samapti tithi nahi hoti, sanyog aur viyog ye dono hi awastha me samaan rehta hai.”

krishna radha love quotes

To translate the above quote in English, “True love has no expiry date. Coincidence and disconnection, both remain the same.” When you are in true love like Krishna Radha you feel the warmth of each other’s presence. Your connection never ends even after you leave your body, your soul remains somehow connected. I know it’s kind of romantic as it’s what unconditional love feels like.

4. “Prem ka arth vivah karna nahi hota apeetu poori nishtha ke sath samarpan karna hota hai.”

krishna radha love quotes

Usually, people especially in India have the perception of love is equal to marriage. This perception build by society is not actually true as love actually means full devotion and passion towards one. According to old Vedas also, Lord Krishna believed that love doesn’t necessarily should to marriage. Love is the dedication with devotion.

5. “Prem mein jab shraddha aur samman ka bhav jud jaaye toh prem bhakti tulye ho jata hai.”

krishna radha love quotes

The above quote by Krishna Radha love quote states that ‘Love combined with respect and reverence makes a balance between love and devotion’. In the current scenario, you don’t find people that respect as much they should as a partner. Respect is one of the qualities that makes your love eternal.

6. “Humesha smaran rakhiye iss sansaar mein prem se meetha kuch bhi nahi.”

krishna radha love quotes

You see in film and videos when a person falls in love, they hear violins and everything around them is vibrant. It can be a little exaggeration but Lord Krishna in the above quote states that ‘The feeling of true love is the sweetest thing in this universe’. If you have ever been in love, you’ll recall that sweet feeling after reading this.

7. “Prem ka arth kisiko paana nahi kintu usme kho jaana hota hai.”

krishna radha love quotes

The modern world often thinks of love as getting hitched with someone or date that person for a long time. However, this Krishna Radha love quote states that ‘Love doesn’t mean to gain someone rather it means to get deeply lost in that bond of love’. Another great saying about love by the almighty that is still relevant after ages.

8. “Prem aatma se hota hai shareer se nahi, jo shareer se ho vo keval akarshan maatr hai, jo aatma se ho wahi shashwat prem hai.”

krishna radha love quotes

Today, we have the option to swipe right and date someone based on their looks and interests. However, if you are looking for true love, it doesn’t happen with your physical look but with your soul. To simplify the above quote in English, ‘Love is with the soul, not with the physical appearance, the body is only attraction, what is with the soul is unconditional love.’

9. “Jab manushay ko vastvik prem Hota hai toh veh annyay, hinsa, grihna jaise bhavon se door ho jata hai, aur inn bhavon ke rehte hue yadi prem ka dawa kiya jaaye toh vo prem nahi prem ka bhram hota hai.”

krishna radha love quotes

When a human experiences true love, he gets rid of emotions like injustice, violence and hatred, and if he claims to love despite having these emotions, he’s just pretending. One of the most relatable Krishna Radha love quotes on this list.

10. “Yadi hriday mein sachcha prem ho to prateeksha ka har shan anand deta hai.”

krishna radha love quotes

When you love someone from the bottom of your heart, you cherish even the wait to finally meet them. People can access and form relationships nowadays online quickly, but in true love, you cherish the wait to be with your love.

11. “Prem ka pehla charan vyakulta hai jo aapko aapke prem ke kareeb laati hai.”

krishna radha love quotes

The first phase of love is a distraction, if you are not getting distracted by being present or not present near them, you are in love. It brings you closer to your loved one. One of the classic unconditional Krishna Radha love quote.

12. “Prem ka dawa bohot log karte hain parantu prem ki shakti unhe hi prapt hoti hai jo bina kisi bhay ke prem nibhane ka sahas rakhte hain”

krishna radha love quotes

People say that they love you, but do they mean it? Nowadays we see many couples that promise each other the world but don’t really mean it. People claim to love but the power and courage of love someone come to those who can love without fear. It is very rare to find this in today’s world.

13. “Prem mukti hai, bandhan nahi; vistara hai, sankuchan nahi; prem mein na dusre ki swatantrata ka haran karo, na swayam ki swatantrata ka tyaag; aur prapt hui is swatantrata main apne prem ki pavitrata ki maryada ko banaye rakhna hi sachche prem ki parakashtha hai.”

krishna radha love quotes

Above is one of the most practical Krishna Radha love quotes on this list. To interpret in simple English, the quote means that Love is liberty and not binding, it should not harm anyone’s independence or make a sacrifice of it. You reach the epitome of love when you attain freedom in love along with maintaining piousness. This quote by Krishna makes you realise the importance of respect and liberty in a relationship.

14. “Krishna jaisa ishq ki paribhasa kaun likhega, Hazaro sakhiyon se ghir kar bhi, Mann se bus Radha naam kon ratega!”

krishna radha love quotes

Lord Krishna was surrounded by Gopiyan all the time but he had only one love, and that was Radha. Only one name that was constantly on his tongue, Radha. This shows the love and devotion he had for Radha.

15. “Chaaro taraf fael rahi hai, Inke pyaar ki khusboo thodi – thodi Kitni pyaari lag rahi hai, Sawre- gori ki ye Jodi!”

krishna radha love quotes

The fragrance of love is spreading all over as dusky and fair looking Radha Krishna look lovely together. People nowadays judge you with the colour of your skin but true love connects the soul.

16. “Kar bharosa Radhe naam ka dhokha kabhi na khayega, Har mauke par Krishna tere ghar sabse pehle aayega!”

krishna radha love quotes

Believe in the name of Radha and thus, Krishna shall come to you house at first.

17. “Bansuri ka sangeet Radha ke sparsh se hai!”

krishna radha love quotes

We all know Krishna and his mesmerizing tune of flute. The flute is so good only because of Radha.

18. “Krishna meri smiti mai hai aur smiti se badhkar mere liye kuch bhi nahi.”

Radha says ‘Krishna is my happiness and for me, happiness is everything’. We all wanna be happy in life and your loved one should compliment that feeling.

19. “Unka mujhe bhool jaana hamari prem ki ek pariksha hai , jab unhe sab yaad aayega mujhe uss pal ki pratiksha hai”

Your loved one forgetting you is like a test of your patience and you need to wait. When they recall everything, you’ll be at ease.

20. “Duriyoon se Hei Ehsas hota hai ki Najdikiyan kitni khaas hoti hain..”

When you go away from your loved one’s presence, then only you realise the importance of their love and warmth.

21. “Prem ki pavitrata ki maryada ko banaye rakhna hi sachche prem ki parakashtha hai.”

One of the best Krishna Radha love quotes on this list is this one. Last but not the least, this quote by Radha states that ‘Hey Krishna! Gaining you is not an obligation for me, but becoming yours is enough for me’.

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We hope you had fun reading these Krishna Radha true love quotes. Jai Shree Krishna!

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