Kylie Jenner Expresses Regret Over Getting a Breast Surgery

kylie jenner surgery

In a candid and surprising revelation, makeup mogul Kylie Jenner has finally opened up about the cosmetic work she underwent, putting an end to years of speculation and denials. During the much-anticipated season finale of The Kardashians, the 25-year-old celebrity discussed rumors, relationships, and ultimately, her plastic surgery enhancements.

Addressing the long-standing rumor about her alleged romantic involvement with her close friend Anastasia “Stassie” Karanikolaou, which sparked after they were spotted sharing an intimate moment during the holidays, Kylie made a heartfelt statement to clarify their bond.

She humorously remarked, “It would just make life so much easier if I were sexually attracted to you!” putting the rumors to rest.

However, the bombshell revelation came when Kylie broached the topic of her plastic surgery enhancements. She candidly asked Stassie if she remembered the time when she had her breasts done. It turns out that Kylie underwent the procedure months before becoming pregnant with her eldest daughter, Stormi, back in 2017.

She admitted that the decision to have the surgery was influenced by not anticipating motherhood at such a young age.

kylie jenner surgery

“I had beautiful breasts before the boob job,” Kylie shared, expressing regret. “I just wish, obviously, I never got them done to begin with.”

Becoming a mother has significantly changed Kylie’s perspective on her body modifications. She now empathizes with her daughter and acknowledges that she would be heartbroken if Stormi wanted to alter her body at a young age.

Kylie aspires to be the best role model for her daughter, vowing that she wouldn’t alter anything if given the chance to do it all over again.

This confession from Kylie comes as a surprise to many, given her years of denying plastic surgery speculations. In 2019, during a fan Q&A session on Instagram, she flatly denied having any surgical procedures, attributing her appearance changes to natural fluctuations in her body. However, with her recent confession, the truth has finally come to light.

Reflecting on her journey of self-acceptance, Kylie clarified an earlier misconception about the extent of her cosmetic procedures. Contrary to popular belief, she affirmed that she had only undergone lip fillers and not extensive facial surgeries.

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She recalled always being a confident individual and debunked the myth that she was an insecure child seeking drastic changes in her appearance.

“I always remember being the most confident kid in the room. I’ve always loved myself. I still love myself,” Kylie emphatically shared in a recent episode. “One of the biggest misconceptions about me is that I was this insecure child and I got so much surgery to change my whole face, which is false. I’ve only gotten fillers.”

Kylie’s journey of self-discovery and acceptance serves as a valuable lesson for her fans and followers. The pressure of societal standards and expectations can often lead people to make hasty decisions about their bodies. Kylie’s openness about her regrets reinforces the importance of self-love and embracing natural beauty.

As the season finale of The Kardashians aired, viewers witnessed a vulnerable side of Kylie Jenner that many had not seen before. Her honesty and willingness to admit mistakes have resonated with fans worldwide, who now see her not just as a glamorous celebrity but also as a relatable human being.

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