Kati patang beer and simba beer

10 Less Known Indian Beers That You Should Try For An Epic Weekend

A beverage everyone loves, be it someone in their 20s, or 60s. We’ve never needed a special reason to highlight some great Indian brews in the market. So here, we introduce you to 10 less known Indian beers that you can try this weekend. These are well-crafted beers that have been brewed right here in India and are on par with world standards.

Top 10 Less Known Indian Beers You Should Try:

1. Kati Patang

kati patang beer
Courtesy: lbb.in

Available in metros like Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai and Bengaluru, Kati Patang is brewed with Himalayan spring water and aromatic malts. It has 3 different brews currently, Saffron Lager (a lager with subtle saffron notes), Zesty Amber (natural malts with smooth caramel finish), and Snappy Wheat (traditional wheat beer with a twist of lemon rind).

2. Simba

simba beer
Courtesy: Trustvardi.com

A very fastly growing Indian beer brand, Simba brews authentic and high-quality beers. They have 4 different brews namely Wit, Stout, Light and Strong. Their beers are currently available in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Goa, Kolkata, Chattisgarh and Assam.

3. White Owl

white owl beer
Courtesy: financialexpress.com

Crafted with great malts, White Owl is an award-winning brewery. They have at present 3 different variants of their news namely Spark (orange-citrus notes), Ace (mild apple flavour) and Diablo (a caramel finish). It is currently available in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, and Goa.

4. White Rhino

white rhino beer
Courtesy: coroflot

An Indian brewery from the heard of India, Delhi. White Rhino has a different taste that’s gaining popularity slowly with the Indian population. They have 3 different types of beer brews namely Lager, Belgian Wheat Beer and India Pale Ale. 

5. Bee Young

bee young beer
Courtesy: rediff.com

A product of Kimaya Himalayan Beverages, Bee Young is an affordable strong beer crafted in Delhi. Crafted with high-quality ingredients, Bee Young is crisp yet subtle citrus flavoured beer. Bee Young is currently available in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and parts of Punjab. Prices may differ.

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6. Yavira

yavira beer
Courtesy: Brewer World

Another beer from Kimaya Himalayan Beverages that is creamy, smooth and rich in flavours. Made with handpicked and organic ingredients Yavira is a homegrown brew. It is available in Bangalore and Mangalore.

7. Maka Di

Maka di beer
Courtesy: Brewer World

This Goa-based brewery is the latest release in the beer market. The name ‘Maka Di’ means ‘Give Me One’ in Konkani. They are right now serving 4 different brews namely Maka Di Tripel Ale (7-8% ABV), Honey Ale (7-8% ABV), Belgian Blanche (4-5% ABV) and American Lager (4-5% ABV).

8. Arbor Craft Beer

Arbor brewing beer
Courtesy: Twitter/@aneeshb

This is India’s first American craft beer. Available in Goa and Bangalore, this microbrewery provides freshly crafted beers in cans. Easy Rider American Wheat, Bangalore Bliss Hefeweizen and Beach Shack IPA are three different variants available.

9. Eight Finger Eddie

eight finger eddie beer
Courtesy: lbb.in

Named after a famous American hippie of Goa, The Goa Brewing Company launched this crafted beer. It has aromas of tropical fruits and a creamy finish to it. Currently, it is available in Goa and Bangalore.

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10. BroCode

brocode beer
Courtesy: Twitter/@brocode

A high alcohol content beer with a focus on providing you a good chill time. Gradually the beer has become very popular among adults. It is available in three different variants currently.

Hope you liked this curated list of locally crafted Indian beers. Cheers!

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