New ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare lll’ Unveiled: Watch Trailer

call of duty mw 3

In an unprecedented move, the gaming realm is about to witness the inception of a direct sequel in the esteemed Call of Duty series. The forthcoming installment, titled “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare lll,” is set to launch on November 10. This eagerly anticipated release will be available on an array of platforms including Microsoft Xbox Series X, S, and Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 5 and PS4, along with PCs accessible through and Steam.

Gamers are bracing themselves for a whirlwind experience priced at $69.99 and rated Mature for ages 17-up. This is no ordinary iteration; it’s poised to continue the global battle royale narrative initiated by its predecessor, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II,” from 2022.

Breaking from convention, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare lll” carves out its own path by carrying forth a storyline for the second consecutive year. Publisher Activision, recognized for orchestrating a new Call of Duty game every three years, has broken its own mold this time. Typically, each new installment features a distinct narrative, a result of collaborative efforts from various studios.

Yet, in a groundbreaking move, “Modern Warfare lll,” developed through the synergy of Sledgehammer Games and Infinity Ward, thrusts Captain Price and Task Force 141 back into action. Their mission: a confrontation with the formidable Vladimir Makarov, the recently unveiled antagonist. All this is set against the backdrop of their triumph over a global threat in 2022’s “Modern Warfare II.”

The precedent chapter set a spectacular stage, amassing a staggering $1 billion in global sales within the initial 10 days of its October 28, 2022 release. According to Activision, the response was nothing short of extraordinary. Keen enthusiasts can already secure their copy of “Modern Warfare 3” by pre-ordering it on the official platform.

The forthcoming “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare lll” promises a constellation of exhilarating features, designed to captivate and thrill players.

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Special Intel Mission for Ardent Gamers

Enthusiasts already immersed in the realms of “Call of Duty: Warzone” or “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II” are in for a treat. They have the unique opportunity to participate in a special mission designed to provide pivotal intel for the MW3 single-player campaign. This captivating mission will be accessible within the game until Monday, August 21 at 10:30 a.m. PT/1:30 p.m. ET.

Seamless Weaponry Transition

“Modern Warfare lll” transcends its predecessors by enabling players to wield weapons and utilize other in-game content previously unlocked in “Modern Warfare II.” This innovative integration enhances the gaming experience by allowing players to continue their digital combat journey seamlessly.

The Resurrection of the Minimap

One of the game’s most eagerly awaited features is the return of the Minimap, complete with a red dot indicator alerting players to enemy gunfire during multiplayer matches. This time-tested component, hailed as the series’ crowning glory, makes its triumphant return after being absent from the 2022 release and the 2019 “Modern Warfare” edition. Industry observers believe this tactical inclusion will infuse matches with renewed dynamism.

Expansive Multiplayer Universe

“Modern Warfare lll” introduces an unprecedented collection of multiplayer maps. With a remarkable tally of 12 new maps and an additional 16 maps revamped from the 2009 “Modern Warfare 2,” this release is nothing short of monumental. Additionally, gamers can expect large-scale maps tailored for Ground War, Invasion, and One War modes.

Zombie Horde Showdown

70613541007 mw 3 zm reveal 01 branded
Photo Credit: Activision

For the first time ever, players can unite their forces to combat relentless zombie hordes sprawling across the largest Call of Duty zombies map in existence. This cooperative endeavor promises pulse-pounding excitement as squads unite to thwart the zombie menace.

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