Post Malone Drops Highly Anticipated Album ‘Austin’

post malone austin

After months of eager anticipation, music sensation Post Malone has finally released his fifth studio album, “Austin.” The Grammy-nominated artist delighted fans worldwide with the announcement of the album’s release in May.

The record comes less than a year after his chart-topping masterpiece, “Twelve Carat Toothache,” which elevated him to new heights in the music industry.

In a heartfelt Instagram Reel, Malone expressed his deep appreciation for his fans, exclaiming, “I wanted to say that I love you guys so very much. I’m here on tour in Europe right now, and I wanted to tell you guys that I have an album coming out this summer on July 28. It’s called Austin. Like my name—that is my name.”

The sincerity in his words touched the hearts of millions of followers who have been eagerly awaiting his latest musical offering.

“Austin” is a testament to Post Malone’s creative journey and showcases the immense talent and dedication he brings to his craft. Breaking away from the trend of collaborative projects, the title is fittingly apt, as the album features Posty’s solo brilliance, with no guest features.

However, he did collaborate with a stellar team of writers and producers, including the likes of Billy Walsh, Andrew Watt, Lou Bell, and Max Martin. The combined effort has resulted in a musical masterpiece that fans are sure to cherish for years to come.

Long before the album’s official release, fans got a taste of its brilliance when Malone dropped the lead single, “Chemical,” in April. The track was met with immense excitement and quickly garnered millions of streams. Following the success of “Chemical,” he gifted fans with two more singles, “Mourning” and “Overdrive,” further amplifying the anticipation for the full album.

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In an exclusive interview on Mythical Kitchen, Post Malone peeled back the curtain on the recording process behind “Austin.” He shared that he found newfound joy in writing songs with a guitar.

A creative revelation for him, Malone explained, “I have so much more fun writing ’cause I never used to write with a guitar. And these last two records I started writing with a guitar, and so I figured out a cool technique that I really like is just putting the guitar up to the mic, putting my headphones on, turning the reverb, like, insane and just coming up with melodies and chords that way.”

“Austin” boasts a whopping 17 tracks, each a testament to Post Malone’s versatility as an artist.

The album takes listeners on a captivating journey, touching on a diverse range of emotions and experiences. From the enticing “Too Cool to Die” to the captivating “Socialite,” and the soul-stirring “Hold My Breath,” every song is a unique expression of the artist’s soul.

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