Single life is best

12 Reasons Why Single Life Is The Best Thing To Happen To You

We live in a modern world where dating and finding someone attractive to chat with is just a swipe away. But sometimes when you look at it from a broader perspective, you realise that it’s just a hyped culture created by people like you and me. I mean we believe in finding the soul mate but there’s no point in chasing or endlessly swiping on dating apps to find the one. Being single whereas is a blessing in disguise and you should learn to embrace this time of your life. Looking at your peers, you might feel left out but what you don’t notice is that your freedom is yours and nobody has control over your decision and wishes. To give you a better idea of why single life is best read some points below.

Here are 12 such reasons why being single is just the best:

1. You Save Money

When you are dating or in a relationship, you tend to spend a lot of money even if you and your partner split the bill. Talking about a scenario when you are single, every penny in your wallet and bank account is yours. You can choose to spend your money wherever and whenever you want. It keeps your personal finance well-balanced and you can focus more on investing those extra bucks.

2. You Become Independent

This doesn’t mean you aren’t independent but being single you enjoy the benefit of fulfilling your needs without any other person. You become a strong personality who can take care of your emotional, financial and other needs by yourself. You learn to do things by yourself and which feels kind of proud honestly. While being dependent might suck as you’ll be disappointed if someone was not there when you needed them.

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3. No Expectations

While people in a romantic relationship always expect you to do some things in a certain way, single can do what they want. You keep low or no expectations from anyone to do something for you as being single teaches you to be self-sufficient. Couples on the other hand, always are complaining to each other about how they expected something from their significant one.

4. More Time To Spend With Yourself

In the recent years of humanity, people have started to realise the importance of self-love. It doesn’t mean to be selfish or be self-centred, it means that you need to start treating yourself better. Life is a blessing and you need to stop being hard on yourself about a job, a bad relationship that didn’t work or anything. Nothing is more important in this whole world than loving your own mind, body and soul.

5. No Fights & Drama

We are not saying that all people in relationships are always fighting but some do. You often see in your vicinity or on the internet that couples are arguing and fighting over issues that bother each other. These arguments and fights often lead to separation and divorces that gets worse if you have a child together. You can find examples like Johnny Depp, Tigers Woods etc. who paid a hefty price for it.

6. You Can Take Risks

That one idea that you thought was gonna boom, that one adventurous trip or that one passion that wanted to pursue, you can do it with freedom unlike when you are a couple. You still can do all of the above but it doesn’t give you that amount of freedom as you have to look at the compatibility aspect of that thing from the eyes of a couple, not a single person. If you are single and want to take risks in life, this is the best time of your life.

7. More Time To Spend With Your Buddies

Single people are always made fun for not having anyone by their side especially by committed people. However, those same people come to that single guy after they get out of a relationship. Singles enjoy travelling, partying and spending quality time with their friends without taking permission from anyone. This is one of the most significant reasons why single life is best.

8. Party Whenever & Wherever You Want

Everybody wants to party once in a while but nobody likes partying with restrictions on when, where and how. Being single, you have complete control over when, where and how you wanna party. The best part is that you don’t have to take permission to party with your gang from a guy/girl.

9. Higher Self Esteem

Singlehood embraces the idea of being a person with self-esteem and nobody can belittle you. Nobody can boss you around like a toy and you are just perfect the way you are. However, some relationships tend to lack on this front as couples often criticise each other about small things. This criticizing can often lead to low self-esteem and even reduce your confidence.

10. More Open To Challenges & Ideas

If you are someone who loves challenges and love working on new ideas then being single is pure bliss for you. You can take challenges head-on and work to make solve real-world problems. When you put this with a relationship alongside, you have to sacrifice your work and passion project to take some time out for your partner. Being single gives you the flexibility of time on the other hand.

11. Focusing on Physical & Mental Health

Being single allows you to take care of your mind and body to the fullest. You go to the gym with high energy to transform yourself into a healthy beast. This might not be the same scenario when you are in a relationship as you might need to sacrifice your gym schedules and diet due to dates and travel. Be single, be strong!

12. More Time To Spend With Your Family

When you are single, you have a lot of free time in your hand that you can spend with your family. There’s one thing that your family wants from you and that is your time. Talk to your parents, siblings and involve with them in daily activities to show that you care about them. Remember, when nobody is there for you only your family backs you up to stay humble and motivated.

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We hope you had fun exploring this article and finding out why single life is best. So, if you’re riding solo, it’s probably the best time of your life!

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