14 Strongest Beer Brands In India That You Need To Try

high alcohol content beer in India

The summer in India is around the corner and what better drink to enjoy than a chilled beer. However, when it comes to beer brands, Indians enjoy a strong beer with a high amount of alcohol to feel the buzz. Be it a working day in the summer or a casual party evening, beer is an all-weather drink. If you are someone who loves a super-strong beer on a hot summer day, you’ve arrived at the right. We have curated a list of the 14 strongest beers that are available in India.

Here is a list of some of the strongest beer brands that are available in India:

1. BroCode – 15% ABV

Strongest Beer Brands In India

BroCode is a wheat-based beer that is the strongest beer available in India. One bottle of this beer contains 15% ABV and is enough to get you a good buzz. It is the kind of beer that hits you slowly and keep you high for quite some time. The beer is targeted towards the young audience as the name suggests. This beer is available in different variants: Bro Code 10, Bro Code 15, and Bro Code Soda.

2. Bad Monkey – 8% ABV

Strongest Beer Brands In India

Bad Monkey another recently launched strong beer brand that has made a name for itself in the market. This beer has a solid 8% ABV in each bottle which is enough to give you a great buzz. The best part about this beer is that it doesn’t have that much of a bitter taste as many strong beers have. This beer has the perfect taste and flavour that goes down your throat quite smooth.

3. Godfather – 8% ABV

Strongest Beer Brands In India

Godfather is a strong and one of the most popular beers available across India. This beer is super strong yet smooth to drink as it is made with quality malts. You can drink this beer on a hot sunny day and feel refreshed instantly. It has a long-brewing cycle that makes this beer fresh and clean in taste. This beer is made with the boldness of hops with a blend of golden wheat.

4. Simba Strong – 8% ABV

simba strong beer

Simba Strong is a excellent choice for people who like the malty taste of beer with high alcohol content. This beer has 8% ABV in each bottle with a perfectly balanced and crisp taste. The brand is recently been emerging as a favourite of the young generation as it comes with a lot of flavours and stylish packaging. One of the best high quality and buzz-worthy beers you can have in the summer season.

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5. Kingfisher Strong – 8% ABV

Kinfisher strong beer

One of the most classic and iconic strong beers on this list is Kingfisher strong beer. Brewed by United Breweries, this popular beer brand has been the market leader in the affordable Indian beer market. It tastes bitter at first but gets better as your palette gets used to it. This beer has 8% ABV in each bottle and is best enjoyed alongside a Masala Papad or Peanut Chaat.

6. Haywards 5000- 7% ABV

haywards 5000

Hayward 5000 is a strong beer that originated from India and dates back to 1984. This beer has 7% ABV in each bottle and is widely consumed by people across India. If you are looking to get drunk but don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket, this beer brand would do justice. Many people drink this one to get a nostalgic feeling as the brand is quite old. It is made with a good quality malt and hops that provides a strong and flavoured profile.

7. Tuborg Strong – 8% ABV

Tuborg strong

Tuborg Strong is one of the best-selling beers in the Indian market currently. This is an easy-to-drink strong beer that has an extra hoppy flavour. When it comes to the taste, it has a medium bitterness with a premium taste to it. It is one of the most loved beers in India introduced by Carlsberg in India in 2010. If you are confused about what beer to buy, choose this one and you’ll thank us later.

8. Bira Boom – 7% ABV

Strongest Beer Brands In India

Bira Boom is a super-strong beer from the popular beer brand Bira 91. Unlike any other strong beer, Bira Boom has a low in bitter and citrusy style taste. It is a wheat-based strong beer that has 7% ABV in each bottle and notes of honey and biscuit. One of the unique things about this crafted beer is that it doesn’t use sugar in the conversion process.

9. Carlsberg Elephant – 7% ABV

Strongest Beer Brands In India

Carlsberg Elephant is a strong and classic beer with 7% ABV in each bottle. This full-bodied beer has a slightly fruity taste with subtle notes of honey. It is known as one of the most popular beer brands in the world and is known for its malty taste and smoothness. Make sure you enjoy this pale gold beer with some spicy Indian snacks like Roasted Makhana or Paneer Tikka.

10. Budweiser Magnum – 6.5% ABV

Strongest Beer Brands In India

An American based brand, Budweiser Magnum is one of the best tasting strong beers in the market right now. Budweiser already has made its mark with its flagship beers not only in India but the world. However, Magnum comes under the strong beer segment which is widely popular in India. Enjoy this chilled beer with some nachos or spicy fritters.

11. Knock Out – 8% ABV

Strongest Beer Brands In India

Knock Out strong beer is a homegrown brand that is quite popular in the southern states of India. Each bottle contains 8% ABV and has a unique aroma. You can enjoy this desi beer with hot and spicy dishes like biryani or momos.

12. Kalyani Black Label – 8% ABV

Strongest Beer Brands In India

Kalyani Black Label is another local beer brand from India that is one of the oldest lager brands. It comes in mild and strong variant of which the strong one contains 8% ABV. The beer has a mellow and unique taste which makes it refreshing. Surprisingly, this beer also leaves you with a sweeter aftertaste as well. If you enjoy a strong beer with some unique taste, you definitely can look into this brand.

13. Zingaro – 7.5% ABV

Zingaro beer

Zingaro is a european style beer brewed in India only by United Breweries Group. This classic strong homegrown beer has a fruity and candy taste. People also claim that it is quite similar to what drinking Kingfisher beer feels like. Enjoy this local strong beer in India with some french fries or roasted papad.

14. Miller Ace Strong – 8% ABV

Miller ace strong

Miller Ace Strong is an american style beer that has a bolder taste and 8% ABV as well. The beer is very popular among Indian consumers due to its flavour that provide smooth drinking experience. This premium strong beer comes in a stylish packaging as well making it more appealing for the people. You can enjoy this with appetizers like Chaap and Chaat on the side.

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We hope you had fun exploring these high alcohol content beers in India. Cheers!

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