Best Bars In Goa To Chill With Your Friends

Purple Martini

Purple Martini is one of the most beautiful and scenic bars in Goa where you chill with your friends or partner. Enjoy a great sunset from here.


Olive Bar & Kitchen

A blue and white styled bar in Goa that is popular for sunbathing, feast and chilling. Olive Bar has a very friendly and cosy environment with a great menu.



This beachside bar near Anjuna is a party place where you need to be. Curlies offers a spectacular view of the seashore where you can watch the sunset and chill.


Tito’s Pub & Bar

One of the most popular pub bars to exist in Goa is Titos. It is so popular that in North Goa, Titos lane is known as a landmark. This place is a synonym to Goa’s glamorous nightlife.


Casa Playa

Casa Playa is a beautiful cafe bar with the perfect ambience to chill with your loved ones. The place offers a modern European style cuisine with signature drinks.



A popular South Indian cafe bar that is known for its delicious cuisine and classic cocktails. The place is an old Portuguese home style interior with a calming vibe.


Toy Beach Club

This place has emerged as one of the most famous party destinations for travellers and locals in Goa. This Pub and bar have unique cocktails like Cheese Cake, Toy Spicy Guava and more.


Guru Bar

If you are someone who enjoys reggae, blues and rock music, this place will match your vibe. Guru Bar derives its name from its founder and has been around for more than 30 years.


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