Gen Z Creators You Need To Checkout On IG

Tarini Shah

Tarini is a creator who creates content around fashion and lifestyle. Apart from Instagram ,she also has a YouTube channel where she posts vlogs.

Image Credits: @tarinishah

Aastha Shah

Aastha is a brave and unique creator on IG as she shares her vitiligo journey and experiences to inspire others.

Image Credits: @aasthashah97

Vishnu Kaushal

I mean who doesn't know Vishnu? Only yhose who don't like Punjabi humour. A comedy creator with amazing reels. Vishnu also has his own YT channel.

Image Credits: @thevishnukaushal


Gurnaz is like your desi friend who lives in Canada. She creates beautiful comedy reels and make up tutorials. She also acts in Punjabi videos & movies

Image Credits: @itsgurnaz

Sakshi Shivdasani

Sakshi became a popular IG name after her ranting reels went viral. She creates reels about comedy, fashion and general mini vlogs.

Image Credits: @sakshishivdasani

Aqeel Hyder

Aqeel is another popular Gen Z comedy creator who makes relatable reels. He also has a YT channel.

Image Credits: @aqeelhyderr

Jatin Thanvi

Jatin aka India's Mr. Bean, became puplar for his reels on IG where he enacts comedy style of Mr. bean.

Image Credits: @jr_mr.bean

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