'Succession' Finale Ends with a Breathtaking Surprise

'Succession' Finale Ends with a Breathtaking Surprise

Jesse Armstrong's Emmy-winning drama had the enormous job of resolving multiple character arcs in 90 minutes.

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Fans waited for the answer of who will succeed Logan Roy (Brian Cox) at the head of Waystar Royco?

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As the climax approached, there were various possible answers to this question.

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Look away or you'll be exposed to big series-ending spoilers for this finale.

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Shiv believes she has secured Matsson as his choice for an American CEO.

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Tom reveals to Shiv that he is the one Matsson wants as CEO and the news is received as well as one would expect.

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Kendall is beyond upset is an understatement, as the three siblings are tearing each other apart.

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The episode concludes with a confident Tom walking into Waystar Royco and acting like he owns the place.

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